Mikkeller Riesling People

Total Score: 8.55/10 Lime1WhiteWine1GreenApple1Tulipglass1

Don’t mind a Riesling. If you’re into trying a white wine and you haven’t tried a Riesling it’s an underrated varietal IMO. It’s a grape that produces some beer-like characters: crisp apple, lime, stone-fruit – all flavours one might find in a Lager or an Ale. Of course Mikkeller has brewed a beer with Meierer Riesling juice, Mikkeller has brewed a beer with everything, why are you even surprised? Brilliant idea though, Riesling wine has more crossover potential with beer than almost any other grape I can think of. Yes, there’s been plenty of Shiraz-related dark beers here in Australia, we make a lot of Shiraz here. Riesling though… Mikkeller you magnificent bastard – you read my mind once again. I hate you. I love you. It’s complicated.

Poured from a 330ml bottle into a Duvel tulip (all my wine glasses are upstairs).

A: One of the lightest straw shades I’ve seen in a while – it’s like the stuff that goes in a lemon curd tart… [lemon curd, that stuff] Opaque lemon curd body with a thin white head that dissipates leaving a lace ring. Interesting stuff right here. 8/10.

S: Oomph! Some real acidic notes from that Riesling juice. Again though, like I said, that Riesling character is going to pair well with the NEIPA flavours, just give it a chance me (and you too). Acidic lemon/lime lead a biting citric attack, hints of floral and light herbal/grassy character (possibly the hops). If this is astringent as the aroma would suggest I’m in for a challenging brew (I’m admittedly not great with sour flavours – my weak spot). 7/10.

T: Annnnd it comes in with a long dry finish. That was unexpected. Riesling People is wholly fruity and well balanced with hints of sour, a bit of sweet, and a slight bitter note. Flavours include: lemon/lime, floral/herbal hops, vinous white notes throughout, touch of green apple, and an earthy peach note towards the back. This is far from a NEIPA, but better for it IMO (I’ve been drinking a few NEIPAs lately and this has a tasty-dry break). If you like white wine: get on this. Now. 9/10.

M: Medium bodied with a super-dense, light carbonation. I don’t think I’ve seen bubbles this tiny before. Extra point for being unique here. 9/10.

D: Beer and wine together in unholy matrimony, and it works! Yes beer lovers who hate wine and vice-versa will dislike this, but if you’re like me and sitting in the purple middle bit of the Venn diagram between beer/wine you’ll appreciate how this beer nails both aspects so well. It’s the white version of a Flanders Red FFS [I’m of course thinking of Rodenbach Grand Cru thank you]. 9/10.

Food match: White fish or pork are the go-tos of Riesling – same applies here.


Prickly Moses Chardonnay IPA

Total Score: 7.1/10 WhiteWine1 Passionfruit1 Butter1 Nonicpint1

Happy holidays people! Well it has indeed been a while since I’ve reviewed anything, I’ve been kicking it back on the beach with a beer during the festive season (and watching the cricket). But now I feel like I need to get back in the review game, so in the time honoured cooking show tradition here’s one I prepared earlier: Prickly Moses are also a winemaker (Otway Estate) as such they’ve decided to combine an IPA with Chardonnay wine (straight wine, none of this barrelling guff) and see what happens… I suspect beer but I could be wrong.

Poured from tap into a nonic pint.

A: Hazy golden body with a wispy white half cm head. It looks more like a beer than a wine, I’m intrigued to know what ratio they decided on with the added Chardonnay, and how they reached that number (I suspect it involved a lot of wasted beer and wine!). 7/10.

S: Very fruity, botrytis grape with some bold sugar notes and hints of citric hops. Quite an odd IPA this one. It really grabs you by the nose and says “Now look here mister!”. A bit too sugary, odd and lacking hops for a perfect score though. 7/10.

T: An intriguing, almost sickening mix of Chardonnay and IPA flavours. Hits upfront with vinous white grape/stonefruit Chardonnay characters and follows through to citric/passionfruit hops and a buttery finish. Chardonnay matured in oak barrels is my best guess for the bold diacetyl notes. Finish is harsh at the back of the throat and dry like your average (i.e. cheap) Aussie Chardonnay. 7/10.

M: Medium bodied with a creamy carbonation. Good points here. 8/10.

D: At first it’s a bit too much of a mixed bag. Beer and wine, do they go together? Well if you’re drinking a Belgian Strong Pale Ale like Duvel they do, but this has a few of the unwanted wine characters as well (that harsh back of the throat note didn’t go over well for me). It did however grow on me a little more and I even started to enjoy it towards the end. Sort of a shame it was a one off for Sydney Beer Week, I would buy this again on tap for something a bit different. 7/10.

Food match: It’s right in the ball park for seafood, or light Asian flavours, or light Asian seafood… you get my gist.