BrewDog Nine To Five Wizard

Total Score: 7.15/10 Bananas1Clove1Pear1Tulipglass1

To celebrate the imminent opening of the new BrewDog brewery in Brisbane… I still can’t believe one of my favourite Scottish brewers, with mad owners who when being sued by the Elvis Presley estate for the naming of their Elvis Juice all legally changed their first names to “Elvis”, and who once laid claim to the most potent beer ever brewed: End of History (which has since been overtaken by another Scottish brewery: Brewmeister with their 67.5% ABV Snake Venom – the moral I guess being that Scots are lovers of strong beers). In any case I’m pinching myself that I’ll one day be able to visit a little slice of Scotland in Murarrie, Queensland and sit down for a fresh pint of Elvis Juice, slàinte peeps! Oh yeah, this is another India Pale Weizen after the BD’s Weihenstephaner collab called ‘India Pale Weizen’.

Poured from a 330ml can (hope BD does an Aussie sized 375ml when they open up over here, jus saying) into a Duvel tulip.

A: Cloudy AF and looking like a glass of OJ, apart from the sizable off-white 2 centimetre cappuccino foam head on top. The head retreated quickly leaving a thin foam layer. Looks aiight if I do slang so myself. 8/10.

S: Ain’t no proverbial spider-f__king with this BrewDog! Aroma hits you in the face like an overripe banana, and subsequently makes a bit of a mess in the process – I mean how do you clean mashed banana from your hair? You don’t, that’s how. Spicy clove and cardamom confirm the ‘Weizen’ part in this India Pale Weizen, yet hops are distinct in their absence (i.e. the ‘India Pale’ bit). 8/10.

T: Woah mama! Slow down 9 to 5 Wizard! That banana/clove/cardamom combo is straight outta the gate, smashing the palate like a Weizen freight train. If you called this beer a Doppel Weizen it would probably make more sense – there’s a hint of citrus and some pear as well, however the primary flavours are all Weizen. Also alcohol is a tad noticeable with a hot fusel character in the finish. When the palate settles it’s actually not terrible, just a bit too much of a face puncher is all. 7/10.

M: Medium, bit lighter than it needs to be, thin but creamy carbonation – as I recall the India Pale Weizen was similar here. 6/10.

D: Probs due to hop fade, not sure about the canning date, but there was little in the way of hops in this brew (similar to the India Pale Weizen). I wouldn’t race out to try this again – unless they brew it here in Australia and I can get it fresh. Again I liked the Weizen parts in this beer, but it needs more India Pale. 7/10.

Food match: Bratwurst with Bavarian spicy mustard – Ooo, yeah that stuff!


BrewDog Vs. Weihenstephan India Pale Weizen

Total Score: 7.2/10 Clove1 Coriander1 Bubblegum1 Weizenglass1

Sounds like a match made in Weizen (which is the Beerpostles, a portmanteau of ‘beer’ and ‘apostles’, version of Heaven) or Helles… you get the idea, the terrible pun is free. ANYWAY I was captivated by this battle of titans – one of my all-time favourite breweries versus some sensationalist Scottish chaps that enjoy being caught in the limelight for outrageous verging-on silly beers. The two breweries couldn’t be further apart in mannerisms: Weihenstephan(er) being quite a monastic brewing atmosphere. So here we are, an India Pale Weizen… Prost?

Poured from a 330ml bottle into a Weizen-nonic pint – a glass I just invented.

A: Cloudy and spotty (them there ‘east particulates yerm) light amber bodied with a thin chalky lace on top. I like yeast in my bread and floating around in my beer so I’m as happy as a sausage on keep-your-sausage-in-a-hat-and-don’t-eat-it day. 9/10.

S: Spicy clove Phenols drop kick me in the face leaving a satisfied smile where a boot print should be. Backing up this tasty clove aroma are notes of bubble gum, some light banana wheat character and a touch of citrus. The “India Pale” in this brew certainly isn’t taking a dump all over the aroma and I kinda like that. 8/10.

T: Perhaps the ‘IP’ in this ‘IPW’ has lessened as this brew nears its BB date (as hoppy characters tend to do) or this beer was intended by BrewDog to be skewed more towards Weizen, either way this is a tasty little ‘ip’ with a big ‘W’ (in full ‘ipW’) with cloves, coriander and a dab of banana/bubble gum. Finish comes through herbal bitters, however without this bitterness there would be little to indicate that hops were indeed added to this brew. Aftertaste has a some tannin astringency which adds a cologne-like taste. I suspect I cellared this beer a little too long (expires in Octobeer). 7/10.

M: Mid to light bodied, creamy-esque carbonation… could use more body. 6/10.

D: Hit and miss, with the aroma coming on nice and bold it steps back with the flavour and the thing that really distracted as my glass drained was how tannic the aftertaste was – I’ve had Cabernet Sauvignons that are less tannic than this brew… it was quite a distraction for me BrewDog… or Weihenstephan… who’s responsible for all this tannin?! [Biff?]. Other than this distraction I enjoyed the Weizen aspects of this brew whilst pining* for more ‘IP’ in my ‘IPW’. 7/10.

Food match: Water… I need water.

*get it? ‘pining’ IPAs are usually ‘piney’ nope… oh well, back to the punning-board.