Asahi Dry Black

Total Score: 4.3/10 Barley1 Malt1 Corn1 PokalStange1

ASAHI!!! Surprisingly this is my first Asahi review, yes I’ve had their average-versus-all-the-other-average-Japanese-Lagers Super Dry Lager, but I’ve never gotten around to reviewing it… probably because it’s so average… it should be called “Asahi Average Dry Lager” but I guess that doesn’t have the marketing cachet of “Super Dry”… in any case I’m preparing myself for another average Asahi experience, this time I’m taking notes.

Poured from the odd-sized 334ml bottle into a pokal.

A: Black (deep ruby like a Guinness when you shine a torch through it) body with a beige 1cm head that sticks around well. It comes as advertised then Mr. Asahi [insert Japanese bow here]. 8/10.

S: It has that off barley/wheat grain aroma that I’ve encountered MANY times before in Australian macro Lagers… off-putting actually… with hints of sweet malt and roasted barley but naught much else. Colour me disappointed then. 4/10.

T: Wow, this is really quite bad – upfront stale grain/bread characters followed by a soapy chemical flavour, slight sweet malts, and yet more grain. Finish is a mild sour funk with hints of hop bitterness. For the first time in a long while I’m considering the drain for this brew… I’ll persevere for my readers but boy is this ‘orrible. 4/10.

M: Watery almost light body with an almost flat carbonation. 5/10.

D: This is one terrible brew with no real redeeming features – for a moment I questioned if I was being overly harsh on Asahi Dry Black… then I took another sip: Nope, not being harsh at all, this is crap. This is the made in Japan stuff too! I know Japan brews better than this, check out Baird Beer, Hitachino Nest and Coedo Brewery if you want to taste the real Japan, this Asahi is shit. 4/10.

Food match: The flavours of this beer don’t even lend well to Sushi, at least their crisp Super Dry Lager is OK with Sushi, the only match for this brew is the kitchen sink.

NB: I did end up pouring half the bottle down the drain, lesson learned.