Feral Finn Diesel

Total Score: 8.9/10 HopFlower1PapayaMango1RockMelon1Tulipglass1

Ooo, a new Feral to review, this time it’s a reference to Vin Diesel that I don’t get… in any case it’s back to their old American IPA stomping grounds with Feral Finn Diesel. This IPA is brewed with the new-to-market hop product Lupulin Powder (using Simcoe and Citra hop extracts). Colour me intrigued. I wonder if it’s anything similar to what was in the 4 Pines Keller Door Hop Hash XPA? If so I wasn’t a fan of that hop hash stuff, it started out decent in the aroma but it really didn’t shine in the flavour department. Regardless I have much more confidence in Feral’s ability to bring an awesome hop-driven Pale Ale to the table than in 4 Pines abilities, which have dropped off of late IMO. Bring on the Feral!

Poured from a 330ml bottle into a Duvel tulip.

A: Cloudy sunset orange body with a reasonably compact off-white lace blanket on top. Looks very tasty/appealing! Especially compared to last night’s Hop Hash XPA which was way too Lager looking in both clarity and colour, I guess that’s where the eXtra Pale Ale in the title comes in, but you can forgive me being vexed as there is still no consensus on what an XPA actually is. Back to Finn Diesel: Looks good. 7/10.

S: The hop characters are both fresh and aplenty here: paw paw, rockmelon (cantaloupe to US readers), piney/resin/cannabis and a touch of stone fruit rounds out this delightful hop forward aroma. Malt? Not really picking it up/caring. If this can deliver those BIG hop characters in the flavour we are on to a winner (winner chicken dinner). 9/10.

T: Top shelf Feral! Flavour profile is front to back hop characters, as listed above (paw paw, rockmelon, piney/resin/cannabis, stone fruit hint) with a definite slant more towards the piney/resin/cannabis trio. There is a nice even natural malt base in there, more biscuity than anything, playing support to these tasty hops. Finish is mild to medium. Sweet/bitter balance = terrific. Well played Feral, well played. 9/10.

M: Medium bodied and chock full of hop oils, with a light but dense carbonation, coming up aces here too! 9/10.

D: Feral have once again shown a) that they have mastered the IPA, and more importantly in my eyes: b) they still turn it up to 11 with their ingredient quantities. To use a recent example, whilst 4 Pines have definitely turned down the dial on their Keller Door brews, Feral have kept at this same level of excellence as they did when they introduced Hop Hog, bravo guys! Can this shit ASAP. 9/10.

Food match: Something Thai and delicate (but spicy).


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