Brouhaha Brewery Milk Stout

Total Score: 5.55/10 Earth1Coffee1BrownSugar1Nonicpint1

Time for more of “Doc’s Misadventures In Beer!” starring Doc, and his nonic pint. Today’s thrilling episode: Brouhaha Brewery Milk Stout [cue: adventure music]. So far I’ve tried the Brouhaha Double IPA, which was unexpectedly decent. This time I’ve got my hands on a Milk Stout, Brouhaha are from a small town north of Brisbane called Maleny that is known for its dairy production, so it’s no surprise that a Maleny brewer (and probably the only brewer in Maleny – it’s not a big town) has brewed a beer using the non-fermentable sugar found in milk: Lactose. What I generally look for in a Milk Stout is a touch of sweetness and a nice hefty smooth body, here’s hoping Brouhaha can keep the good times rolling.

Poured from a 375ml can into a nonic pint.

A: Splotchy tan head, a bit too splotchy IMO, fizzles down faster than I can type this sentence to a thin blanket. Body is opaque and a dark mocha colour. Looks alright – however that head was an ominous sign (it had very little density). 5/10.

S: Earthy upfront with a coffee slant: roasted espresso beans. No chocolate characters noted. Bit thin on the aroma side as well. Also not a good sign – this Stout is lacking in complexity and a touch in intensity… hopefully the flavour makes up for this lacklustre beginning… 5/10.

T: Flavour is an improvement – though it does suffer from the above problems (lack of complexity/intensity) at least it’s not a terrible brew, just very so-so. Flavours are as noted above: earthy character, roasted espresso beans. With an added character from the Lactose: an almost straight dextrose character. Finishes slightly dry with a mild coffee bitterness. All rather pedestrian unfortunately. 6/10.

M: Definitely lacking in body for a Milk Stout: Lightish with some unwanted wateriness, and a thin carbonation. No good Brouhaha – need to work on this aspect for sure in future batches! 4/10.

D: After the reasonably well done Double IPA this brew falls flat. Compare it to one of my favourite Aussie Milk Stouts: Exit #003 Milk Stout, there’s really no competition – Exit nails the style and this Brouhaha is like a canoe filled with holes [close to, and rapidly filling with water?]. If you want a decent Milk Stout then keep on searching (or buy Exit’s #003). Shame though, as I really like to support small craft brewers, but Brouhaha need to rejig this recipe (mix in more different malts, add more Lactose, something!). 6/10.

Food match: Roast beef, mash & gravy and a yorkie: classic Stout territory.


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