3 Ravens Juicy IPA

Total Score: 8.75/10 Orange1Pineapple1Passionfruit1Nonicpint1

Absolutely loving this wave of Aussie brewers making New England IPAs (I’ve been calling them ‘East Coast IPAs’ not sure what differs between ‘East Coast’ and ‘New England’ as Victory DirtWolf is definitely done in the same vein as these juicier IPAs, oh well). So 3 Ravens is the latest to have a stab at the style and I did actually try this on tap about a month ago and I think the can is better than on tap (yes I’ve drunk a couple of these cans already… I couldn’t wait). I’ve never been a huge fan of 3 Ravens, having reviewed their Witbier and their ESB, however that may be because they are more of an APA/IPA brewer – at least with Juicy I can tell you that they know how to brew a good IPA.

Poured from a 375ml can into a nonic pint.

A: Impenetrable murky (Australian) tropical punch coloured body with a firm one centimetre off-white head on top. Chock full of proteins, as indicated by the thick lacing on the side of the glass. “You bloody ripper!” is what I think when I see an IPA like this. I’m going in! 9/10.

S: Aroma is a holy trinity of: Orange/pineapple/passionfruit, f**k this is going to be one juicy IPA! Not much else in the aroma in way of malt, however this is typical of the style – the malt is there purely to give the hops a platform on which to shine, and shining they are, bravo juicy hops! 9/10.

T: Flavour is ever so slightly more subtle than expected/liked, with the above mentioned orange/pineapple/passionfruit hops dancing on the palate, along with a drying oat sweetness, and a light biscuity note. The bitterness in the finish is light and restrained as good NE IPAs are renowned for this. Sweet/bitter balance is touch towards sweetness, though it never becomes cloying. 8/10.

M: Great body on this thanks to the oats: Medium almost heavy bodied, with a firm/dense carbonation. The overall mouthfeel adds to that sense of drinking a glass of juice rather than a beer. 9/10.

D: Up until now my favourite NE IPA has been the recently brewed Bacchus JAF IPA, however this comes close, it only falls short in the flavour department – JAF IPA manages to hit a home run (or a six in cricket terms) thanks to the bolder flavour that comes from a 7% ABV brew (last JAF batch was 6.5%, Ross has obviously boosted the dextrose content in the new batch). Will definitely get my hands on another 4-pack of this. 10/10.

Food match: Vietnamese lemongrass beef vermicelli salad FTW.


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