Doctor’s Orders Electrolyte Serum Rhubarb Wheat Gose

Total Score: 5.9/10 Bananas1Barley1Bubblegum1Tulipglass1

Doctor’s Orders, haven’t tried them before even though it sounds like the brewery was named after me: Doc. It isn’t though, my brewery name (when I open my own brewery) will be DöcBräu™ – and I will only be producing Ales, no Lagers thank you (too much effort IMO). Pipe dream aside Doctor’s Orders claim they brought the Gose style to Australia, and they could be right – Gose’s haven’t been around for long even though they were popularised in the states since before I got into craft beer. This Gose is made with rhubarb and wheat, which I suspect will make it similar to a Berliner Weissbier (with rhubarb instead of raspberry sweetness)… I guess we shall soon find out.

Poured from a 375ml can into a Duvel tulip.

A: Cloudy pale straw body, nice fluffy snow white head that compacts from a meaty 3 centimetres to a respectable half centimetre. I like the colour: pale straw is an appealing hue for a brew [rhyme intended]. 8/10.

S: Funky freak show! Salt, normally not a feature in any beer but most welcome in a Gose, comes through front and centre. Notes of banana and rhubarb, hint of bubblegum, barnyard yeast funk, this is could be mistaken for a child’s vomit at a petting zoo – but alas, it is a beer [I believe there was a vomit-flavoured jelly bean in Harry Potter – this is clearly the liquid version of that]. Shades of intriguing and bad mingle freely here. TBH it is what it is, which makes it hard to like/love. 5/10.

T: It really tastes a bit like a wheaty/funky Gatorade… what an odd brew. I’ve had Gose’s before (6 according to my BA account), so this isn’t simply a case of being unfamiliar with the style – this brew is a bit of a mess. Other notes of the above: salt, banana, rhubarb, barnyard yeast and an overall grainy character. Admittedly the more I drank the less bad it became… my taste buds probably surrendered to its weirdness. Again: hard to love. 6/10.

M: Body is alright though – mid to light, with a creamy dense carbonation (that’s the wheat for you – always bringing body). 8/10.

D: Not a fan, and I’ve had Gose’s I’ve liked before. This is the unholy marriage of beer and a sports drink – please heed my words. It’s still better than a Victoria Bitter though – so really let’s give Doctor’s Orders some credit. Also Gose’s are a tricky style: it Gose with the territory [been waiting to crack out that pun for a while now, cheers!]. 5/10.

Food match: This feels like something to drink after a workout session.


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