Nail Huge Dunn Imperial Brown

Total Score: 7.2/10 Coffee1DarkFruits1BrownSugar1Tulipglass1

Recommended by Jeremy @ Black Sheep Newmarket this Imperial Brown is the best Imperial Brown Ale he’s had. Well the one to beat for me is Black Market Embargo Imperial Brown… which scored a massive 9.15/10 from me – that puts it at #22 on my all-time list. Not sure if Nail have the gumption to dethrone that, however I am, as always, happy to be surprised. Nail Oatmeal Stout being the only Nail I’ve reviewed and I wasn’t overly impressed by it – Oatmeal Stouts should be an easy style to ace. However that said: Jeremy @ Black Sheep has proven to have a great palate when it comes to wine and spirits, so I trust him when he recommends a beer, looking forward to this one.

Poured from a 330ml bottle into a Duvel tulip.

A: Deep black (getting dangerously close to Stout country there Mr. Nail) body with a mocha coloured head than quickly dissolves leaving a thin lace ring – which is perfectly acceptable at 8% ABV IMO. Regardless of whether it’s a Brown or a Stout, who cares if it looks tasty? 7/10.

S: Dark fruits thrown judiciously about with rhyme and reason – that reason being: Mmm, oooh yeah. Brown sugar, red coffee cherries, and touch of spirit round out a rich and bold aroma. It’s big and unyielding, and so far I can see why Jeremy is impressed by this – he seems to gravitate towards BIG beers. 8/10.

T: Dark fruits with a hit of coffee cherry and espresso begin transforming what was a classic Imperial Brown ale into an Imperial Baltic Porter… it’s very much in Imperial Baltic Porter country now… also, did anyone order a truckload of brown sugar? I have a delivery from a Mr, err, Nail… shall I return it to the postage depot? No, you’ll book in a dentist appointment then? Ok *signals to truck driver* dump it here *BEEP-BEEP-BEEP*. Tasty, but possibly requiring an Insulin shot afterwards. 7/10.

M: Medium and viscous bodied with a thin but dense carbonation – suits the style, which is clearly an Imperial Baltic Brown Porter Ale or IBBPA. 7/10.

D: I started getting a headache halfway through this – never a great sign, however when I wasn’t taking Ibuprofen tablets I did enjoy this beer. Probably won’t get it again – I need to cut back on these types of diabetes-inducing beers. Also Nail didn’t nail the style, typical of them being known for their Stouts that they produced yet another Stout to add to their collection of Stouts, which is also quite stout in size – pun, set & match Doc. 7/10.

Food match: Something chargrilled and steaky, perhaps steak.


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