Bacchus Brewing Peanut Butter Jelly Time!!!

Total Score: 7.95/10 Nut1Raspberry1Bread1Tulipglass1

If this beer doesn’t conjure up the crazy image of Brian the dog (of Family Guy) dancing with maracas in a banana outfit I don’t know what will. It’s “Peanut Butter Jelly Time!!!”, and another Bacchus brew for me to review – yes I’ve taken a shine to the mad science of Mr. Ross Kenrick and Co. Peanut Butter Jelly Time!!! (or PBJT!!! for brevity) is an American Amber Ale brewed with: Peanuts, raspberry, oats, lactose, and the usual suspects. I’m envisioning a cross between a PB&J sandwich and a jelly (jam in Oz) donut… oh yeah, and beer of course. Will it be as great as Snickers (and Barosski) my Bacchus favourites? Or will it be one of those Island of Dr. Moreau types that they sometimes release? My money is on the former.

Poured from a 500ml bottle into a Duvel tulip.

A: Hazed caramel-tinged amber body with a thin beige head that retains OK. Looks right for an amber ale, the body colour is rather appealing, so without much ado I’m going to tuck in now. 7/10.

S: Raspberry jelly (jam) straight up makes it come across as the stuff you spread on toast if you’re into that sort of thing (aint no toast in my life anymore). Nutty peanut hints remind me of Bacchus’s own Peanut Brittle Gose, it’s got that toffee note as well. Bit of bread in there as well. Aroma sits on the sweeter side of the fence and I wonder how Bacchus is going to balance it all out. 8/10.

T: First let’s get it out of the way: This is a sweet dessert beer. Now that we’ve addressed the sugar-coated elephant candy in the room, this beer is almost exactly as you would expect – it’s got: Peanuts, raspberry jam, baked bread, toffee, and a slight herbal bitterness in the finish to balance it all with that classic sweet/bitter dichotomy. On that point – it really is the bitterness that feels out of place, whilst at the same time being fairly essential to the balance overall. I mean it is a beer after all, we expect bitterness, but there’s something about the way it stands out here… a little too harsh methinks. But what a tasty (sweet!) brew otherwise. 8/10.

M: Mid to light, almost medium bodied, with a light but dense carbonation – one of the better mouthfeels in a Bacchus brew here. 8/10.

D: I liked PBJT!!! quite a bit, and if they get the hops sorted out – maybe use a different hop entirely(?) I think Bacchus will be on to a winner [winner, chicken dinner] here. Case in point: I managed to finish this beer (and the review itself) much quicker than normal – the sign of a great beer to me. 8/10.

Food match: Apart from PB&J sandys I would suggest tarts or caked goods.


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