Stockade Duel Hoppy Lager

Total Score: 6.15/10 RockMelon1Grapefruit1Biscuit1Stein1

I’m back, and ooo, a free beer for me to review, goody! This time it’s Stockade Duel Hoppy Lager – I think I got this in a mixed Lager dozen Christmas gift pack (yeah I got a Lager gift pack as a present: Friends/family don’t read my blog at all do they?). Says it was dry-hopped with Enigma, and I do like Enigma hops so hopefully this Lager is hoppy as, you know, it says it is on the label. Not a fan of ANY of Stockades marketing though – every bottle label has a completely different theme, and each label looks like it was done by TAFE (trade school) Graphic Design students… third year students, but students nonetheless. Regardless it’s just as well for Stockade I don’t rate labels, just the amber liquid contained within.

Poured from a 330ml bottle into a stein.

A: Cloudy (good!) pale straw body with a chalk white 1 centimetre head that ever so slowly compresses down to about 75mm. Decent head retention it must be said. So far so good Hoppy Lager… 7/10.

S: Grapefruit mixed with sauvignon blanc white wine notes. Has some hop character, as expected from the label. Granular biscuit and dry cracker malt base gives it a bit Lager character, yes, yes, also in the name. It’s not a “PHWOAR!” beer, but it’s OK with a subdued aroma. 6/10.

T: Rock melon (cantaloupe to American readers) upfront, mid, back, all over… hints of grapefruit and sauv blanc (ever so slight) and a dry cracker base round out the flavour. It’s hoppy for sure – though the Enigma hops are a bit one-note, and it’s lacking from (and could use more) additional hop characters, unless of course you love rock melon alone. Dry/crisp finish with a hint of bitterness and rock melon in the aftertaste. 6/10.

M: Mid to light, touch watery with all that melon going on, with a thin carbonation. 5/10.

D: Better than expected, however when a beer has “HND KRFTD IN OZ” written on it I’m not expecting much… in fact if it manages to taste better than Vomit Brew with marketing that terrible I’m generally surprised. So yeah, surprised at this rather OK Hoppy Lager. It needs more hops, more malt, more body, more aroma, more ABV, pretty much more everything – but there is the base of a decent beer in there. FFS though Stockade get your marketing shit together – I don’t normally say this about a brewer but the crap marketing has got to be hurting them. 7/10.

Food match: Seafood or chicken in a light sauce, with salad.


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