Sierra Nevada Tropical Torpedo IPA

Total Score: 8.55/10 PapayaMango1HopFlower1Pineapple1Nonicpint1

Well, well, well, looky what final came over from our good friends at Sierra Nevada. It’s a Torpedo IPA, but no ordinary Torpedo IPA, it’s a “tropical” Torpedo IPA! That is to say only hops with tropical flavours made it on the bill. I seem to recall 2016 had a Beer Camp Tropical IPA that I liked so much that I fantasised about Sierra Nevada bringing it out as one of their regular releases, lo and behold the SN Gods were smiling [probs when they read my review]. Oh mighty Sierrius Nevador I will complete my offering of thanks and sacrifice my first born Ale to you… possibly a pineapple infused Hefeweizen… actually that sounds like a ripping good beer: PATENT PENDING fools! [note a possible name for this brew: Yeasty Colada]

Poured from a 355ml bottle into a nonic pint.

A: Slight hazed Marigold body with a reasonably dense 1 centimetre white head that stays put. Lace patchwork on the glass side indicates a decent amount of head proteins, top maks Sierrius Nevador! 8/10.

S: Interesting grassy/cannabis note that Hop Hunter displays, which mingles in with a few of the more typical tropical fruits: Pineapple, papaya and some earthy/spicy tones… I’m not going to lie to you: I’m salivating right now, there’s a puddle forming on my computer desk… I’d better get on with this asap. 8/10.

T: Quite tasty, but weirdly forward with an unexpected spicy/peppery character, I mean it was there a tad in the aroma, but damn it’s got some heft to it here. Dry cracker mid-palate, pineapple/papaya towards the finish, and just to confuse you all: Sweet overripened papaya upfront with the spice notes. Man this is all over the shop like a bull… did I mention the shop sells china? No? Well it does. Big and brash in a good way. 9/10.

M: Almost exactly like SNBCTIPA’16, so I will summarise: Medium, flat, hop oils+++, little more fizz = please. 7/10.

D: Note for note almost identical to SNBCTIPA’16 (at least as I recall). I doubt that they even changed that recipe at all. Which is great because I really liked SNBCTIPA’16, and I’m quite happy to drink this IPA till the cows come home, preferably wearing lei’s, because, you know – the tropical theme. My mind is now trying to comprehend how to mix this brew into my Torpedo Hunter (i.e. SN Torpedo IPA & SN Hop Hunter)… my current mix is about 60/40 Torpedo/Hunter, so I reckon 30/30/40 would work a treat for me. 9/10.

Food match: Thai is so last week, Lao is now baby!


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