KAIJU! Beer Hopped Out Red Ale

Total Score: 8.6/10 Earth1Caramel1HopFlower1Nonicpint1

My peeps all know how much respect I have for KAIJU!-we-only-brew-expensive-beers-Beer. As such it is pretty amazing that I’ve taken so long to get around to Hopped Out Red Ale, being that I am somewhat besotted by Red Ales or Red IPAs in the guise of favourites by Modus Operandi and Prancing Pony (off the top of my head). I guess I was just waiting for a local (bottle-o) to chuck it in their fridge before being drawn to their ludicrously colourful flat-design labels [which judging by my BeerAdvocate profile photo I am a fan of]. So now it’s time to see if KAIJU! can beat the likes of Modus and Prancing Pony, in my eyes, at this Red Ale game.

Poured from a 330ml bottle into a nonic pint.

A: Love the colour of this: Deep hazed auburn-almost-burgundy body, with a nice thin beige head that slowly dissolves to a splotchy covering. 9/10.

S: Here’s where Red Ale/Red IPAs come to the fore for me: Hop/malt balance. Which, if done right, is spot on. Hopped Out Red Ale is no exception with a luscious gooey caramel/biscuit malt centre, and some borderline-aggressive jammy-marmalade orange and piney hop characters to balance it out. Sweetness wins out ever so slightly on this epic aroma. 9/10.

T: Flavour throws that interesting, and very KAIJU!, spanner into the works with an overall earthy taste that softens the blow of both the malt sweetness and hop bitterness. Surprisingly in-your-face and balanced at the same time. Flavours are: Earthy, caramel/biscuit malts, piney/orange hops, with a finish that exudes more earth and viscous hop oils that linger on in the aftertaste, which is fairly bitter. Considering this one is the lightest in ABV out of the Modus/Prancing offerings, at 6.5%, it is surprisingly BIG. 9/10.

M: Rather decent, mid to heavy bodied, with those aforementioned viscous hop oils sliding all over the palate. Carbonation is dense but quite thin and lacking. 7/10.

D: Another really top shelf beer from KAIJU! Beer, but that is expected from those guys/girl (all 3 of them!). So yeah this gets a hearty recommendation from me and once again adds to the list of truly epic Australian Red Ale/IPAs from some rather intelligent and hardy craft brewers. If you love hops [like me], and you love malt [like me], then Red IPAs are where “it” is at. If I had to place the biggest point of difference between this, Modus, and Prancing’s offerings it would be that earthy character KAIJU! are known for [with me at least]. 8/10.

Food match: Something meaty/earthy, like a steak that has been rubbed in dirt.


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