New Belgium Citradelic IPA

Total Score: 6.45/10 Orange1HopFlower1Lemon1Nonicpint1

Is it just me or does it take a tiny touch of conceit to name your brewery “New Belgium”? Like you’re the newer (ergo better) version of the original Belgium, aka the greatest brewing country on the planet (Earth that is – Zynqwax has some pretty damn good breweries that would give Belgium/Earth a run for its money). Well sidestepping this possibly thorny name snobbery I have heard these New Belgium chaps brew some pretty top shelf brews, and this Tangerine infused IPA called Citradelic should be as good a test as any of how well New Belgium approaches a style that some would consider fairly new to original Belgium: An American IPA. Here goes something.

Poured from a 355ml bottle into a nonic pint.

A: Clear, dare I say “tangelo” coloured body with a nice off-white cappuccino foam that compacts itself to a solid half centimetre. It seems the fruit doth make the brew: colour-wise that is. 7/10.

S: Definitely getting that note of orange peel… a hint of tangerine sourness in the background. Lifted tropical notes, mostly papaya, juicy fruit chewing gum and slight lemon character round out a tasty bouquet of a brew – floral and moreish says I, Doc. Bring me all your kittens and saucers so the kittens may sip on fresh Citradelic! Citradelic for all! 8/10.

T: Woah, this beer really turned on its head and became not unlike a glass of that famously trademarked orange soft drink F__ta [don’t want to name names and be sued by F__ta or any other ruthless soft drink makers out there]. There’s a sweet, high fructose corn syrupy sugar note to this, along with orange which doesn’t taste very natural either. The only thing that stands out as a beer in this beverage is a mild herbal green hop bitterness towards the finish. Just burped… I can confirm a tangerine note in my burp! 6/10.

M: Mid to light bodied with a thin but gassy carbonation – still managed a few burps as noted above. 6/10.

D: Overall this feels a bit Island of Dr Moreau-ish, and you knew that doc was up to some shady shit. I’m kinda half and half about this beer – it’s not terrible, but it’s also been stripped of almost everything that makes a beer a beer. And TBH if you want to taste a great example of a fruit-infused beer you need a BrewDog Elvis Juice, otherwise you might find yourself alienated by Citradelic. 6/10.

Food match: What normally goes with orange soda? Pork soda? [Glass Animals]


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