Asahi Super Dry

Total Score: 5.45/10 Barley1CutGrass1Honeycomb1Stein1

I’ve decided that even though I’ve tried the 3 biggest Japanese macro Lagers before I’ve yet to actually review them (not entirely true as I’ve reviewed Sapporo in the bottle, but not in the 650ml can – which is what I have today). Don’t expect any massive scores: Asahi, Kirin & Sapporo are the very definition of macro brewers which will mean – taste, body, quality 👎 and blandness, cheapness, quantity 👍. Interestingly Asahi Super Dry was the beer that kicked off the Dry Senso (ドライ戦争) otherwise known as the “Dry Wars” in Japan over which macro could brew the driest Lager… obviously this was the Japanese version of the US Cola Wars, less family-friendly but just as preposterous.

Poured from a 330ml bottle into a Sapporo stein [no brand bias there].

A: Well I’m expecting it to be a 3-way tie here because let’s face it: All macro Lagers have basically the same colour/clarity/head retention. Asahi has a clear golden body with a thin white head that sticks around for about 20 secs before departing. 6/10.

S: Adjuncts give off a fairly grainy nose, hints of honey and a very light floral note in the background which adds a lovely overtone that makes you forget for a moment that this is a macro Lager… compared to Aussie macro fare this is rather pleasant hey. 6/10.

T: Cracker dryness hits from the off and comes back in the finish. Grainy malt base, a touch of sake rice, the lightest smidgen of honey and a cut grass mild hop hint towards the end. Crisp and dry, dry and crisp, yep, aha, great. 5/10.

M: Mid to light bodied, carbonation almost non-existent (probably because I was drinking too slow) but nope – it’s the beers fault, not mine. 5/10.

D: Overall though the story of Asahi Super Dry is that of a beer trying its best to be crisp and dry [DRY AND CRISP!!!]. This all works well with delicate sushi flavours, which is the reason why Japanese macro brewers fought so fastidiously over creating the driest beer. As far Asahi goes – it’s not terrible at what it does, it’s just a bit meh… and dry (I drank a pint of water between each of these reviews – stay hydrated people!). Am I looking forward to reviewing Kirin Ichiban next? Not a hell of a lot but I’ll take one for the team regardless. Chin chin!* 6/10.

Food match: Nigiri sushi it up yo!

*Ask a Japanese person why this is funny.


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