KAIJU! Beer & Exit Brewing Schopsh

Total Score: 7.3/10 Smoke1Earth1Coriander1Tulipglass1

With a Sean Connery skinned T-800 Terminator face on the label this hoppy Scotch Ale intrigued me from the get (go)… and I just realised the name of the beer is an amalgamation of ‘Scotch’ and ‘Hop’, cool [although the obvious beer name would have been ‘Hopscotch’]. So yeah, 2 of my favourite Aussie craft brewers: KAIJU! [which must always be written in caps with the exclamation point at the end] Beer and Exit Brewing have joined forces (for good instead of evil) and created what will no doubt be a flavoursome juggernaut (KAIJU! only make BIG beers). Whether or not this will work or be an odd experience like Killer Sprocket’s Peated Pale Ale remains to be seen… or tasted in this case.

Poured from a 330ml bottle into a Duvel tulip.

A: Cloudy mahogany body with a thin tan head that slowly disintegrates into splotchy patches. Tis a Scotch Ale to be sure, aye. One that conjures up an image of me sitting in a wingback chair in front of a smouldering fireplace wearing an embroidered silk housecoat, smoking from a Meerschaum pipe whilst reading the Edinburgh Gazetteer… yes, this beer makes me feel like I’m a character in an Arthur Conan Doyle novel. 9/10.

S: Peat to be sure, hops abundant as well, those KAIJU! earth-driven hops, with piney and delicate mandarin as well. Overall aroma balance is pretty even, though I suspect that’s because the hops have had time to settle down a bit what with this being brewed months ago. Hints of caramel come through after another whiff – this is one good aroma! 8/10.

T: Starts with peat smoke, ends with peat smoke (aftertaste is decidedly peaty). In-between is where it gets a bit interesting: Earthy/piney hops, hint of mandarin, caramel and a medium bitter herbal hop finish. IMO every hop-driven peated beer ends up with a herbal hop note at the end, it seems to be a characteristic of this combination. Is it distracting? A little bit… enough to make me reconsider getting it again. However more importantly: Is it tasty? Yes, yes it is. 7/10.

M: Medium bodied with a bit of hop oils and a thin but lingering carbonation. 7/10.

D: So the great peat/hops in beer experiment continues, and apart from that herbal bitterness in the finish I think it works rather well, there’s definitely enough going on to keep this beer-stronomer happy. All I am saying is give peat a chance. And on that pun I bid you all adieu for now. 7/10.

Food match: Roast pheasant with a forest wild mushroom salad and mash.


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