Burleigh Brewing Twisted Palm Tropical Pale Ale

Total Score: 5.95/10 PapayaMango1Caramel1Bubblegum1Nonicpint1

Happy New Beer!!! It’s 2017, and I’ve decided to begin the year with a hush rather than bang (I’m getting on these days you see), so without further ado: Burleigh Brewing Twisted Palm Tropical Pale Ale. A Burleigh rep gave me a free sample of this to bruview – since I’m partially-but-not-really famous for my craft beer reviews in the SEQ (South East Queensland, Stralia) region I now get the occasional free beer. BUT WORRY NOT DEAR READER: My strong moral values are enough to protect my reviews from a “free beer” bias taint, so you can rest assured that if it’s truly bad I will trash it in my usual humour-laden manner.

Poured from a 330ml bottle into a nonic pint.

A: Slightly fluorescent orange/amber body that is lightly hazed with an off-white 1 centimetre foam for a head. The head doesn’t stick around too long but that’s a common theme in most “Pacific” Pale Ales (i.e. Australian/NZ Pale Ales). 6/10.

S: Fruity hops give this PPA a nice ripe and green papaya character, along with hints of mango, caramel malts and a touch of bubble-gum. It’s fresh and fruity nose stands out given the low 4.2% ABV and it reminds me of a cross between Matilda Bay Fat Yak and Stone & Wood Pacific Ale… those are some decent bedfellows to have as well. 8/10.

T: And the penny drops… let’s face it – this is one Pacific Pale Ale that is light in flavour and with it: complexity. At 4.2% ABV I wasn’t expecting to be bowled over, but still S&W Pacific Ale has a great deal more flavour for a measly extra 0.2% alcohol. Yes, the ripe and green papayas, hints of mango/caramel are there but they are for all intents and purposes quite restrained, and as such this lets everything down IMO – bring a little bit more punch next time Burleigh! 5/10.

M: Entry-craft it may be but at least the mouthfeel is done well: Mid to light bodied with a light and creamy carbonation… pretty decent here. 8/10.

D: The other day I had a Fat Yak for the first time in years and you know what – they’ve definitely weakened the flavour in that beer considerably (since being bought out by macro brewer Carlton United of course) and Twisted Palm is more like the shadow of a beer Fat Yak is now than a decent craft brew, which is a shame, because all of these craft brewers doing entry-craft beers are only turning away their biggest customers and supporters (people like me) and for what? Who the f__k knows, not me. 5/10.

Food Match: Chips and aioli… or whatever – anything that doesn’t have flavour.


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