Moon Dog Mack Daddy Dark Ale

Total Score: 5.8/10 GreenMelon1Biscuit1Earth1Nonicpint1

Yes, my fridge is currently backed up with beers to review so next up is Moon Dog (those nutters!) Mack Daddy Dark Ale – which will, for better or worse, be directly compared to the last brew I reviewed: Moo Brew’s Dark Ale. I’m quietly confident for Moon Dog as they do have a habit of releasing interesting and sometimes OTT beers (Breakfast Of Champions Bloody Mary Red Ale anyone?). So yeah, if they can maintain that subtle craziness with Mack Daddy I’m sure I’ll like it. If however this is a bland, lifeless Dark Ale I will have to set my repartee to: Stun w/ biting critique [yeah we haven’t seen that old chestnut much lately *sarcasm intended*].

Poured from a 330ml bottle into a nonic pint.

A: Presents with an almost opaque russet body and a thin wispy tan head. Lace on the side of the glass is of an OK level given the ABV of 5%. Looks fairly moreish this Mack Daddy. 7/10.

S: Hmmm, interesting aroma for a Dark Ale – quite upfront with stone fruit and melon, mixed in with earthy roasted malt characters. Balance from the aroma definitely airs on the earthy/dry spectrum – so hopefully there’s a bit more sweetness in the flavour (I’m personally getting over every 2 beer I review being dry these days). 7/10.

T: Melon hits the palate straight off, leading towards a biscuit/earthy/roasted malt base – hits with an unexpected citrus sour twang as well, almost lemon sherbet in character – was not expecting that! Finish is dry *sigh* with an earthy overtone. Overall balance is towards the sour/bitter/dry spectrum without any noted sweetness. Not my cuppa unfortunately. 5/10.

M: Mid to light bodied, definitely needs a more luxurious mouthfeel, with a slight fizzy carbonation. 6/10.

D: Yawn! This is a rare hit and miss for Moon Dog – who are generally known for being outrageous with their brews (case in point: Marmajuke Marmalade Double IPA and Bjorn To Boogie Watermelon Weizen). Granted this is one of their cheaper beers, and it shows, so I’m guessing they’ve dialled back on ingredients somewhat to make it financially possible. Still, it’s a disappointment to see the mad scientist creating a rational brew – I’m not too keen on trying their other normal-priced beers now (Love Tap Single Lager and Old Mate Pale Ale) as I’m guessing it’s more pedestrian stuff… I need a Double IPA now! 6/10.

Food match: Beef stew with melon… no wait prosciutto-wrapped melon slices.


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