Colonial Australian IPA

Total Score: 8.6/10 PapayaMango1HopFlower1Pineapple1Nonicpint1

Well it’s been a while; A uni-crunch-time forced stay of absence from reviewing anything or getting a decent night’s sleep, but I’m back and ready to fire on all cylinders! (plus I’ve banked up a few new beers in the fridge that absolutely require my immediate nit-picking). First up: Colonial’s new core range brew: Australian IPA, made with 100% Aussie malt and hops. TBH I’m quite looking forward to this – if Colonial can do as well (if not better) than those scallywags at Pirate Life this’ll be my new fridge magnet. Without further ado (and apologies to Shakespeare) let’s tackle this brew.

Poured from a 375ml can where the entire lid lifts off (which I have previously expressed great admiration towards) into a Sierra Nevada US pint glass.

A: Cloudy amber body with a boisterous and foamy 2cm white head. Looks great! Exactly what the doctor [i.e. me] ordered, or would have ordered if I was standing at a bar and ordered a “delightful American-style IPA”. 8/10.

S: Sticky pineapple cake notes are dancing on my nose like they just don’t care, it’s not a hootenanny… more of a polka… still – nice aroma. Hints of lychee and papaya linger on in the background… so far this aroma is entirely like a beery tropical punch, and if such a thing as a ‘beery tropical punch’ existed I would no doubt like it. 9/10.

T: Piney hop notes upfront and are almost immediately assassinated by lychee/mango/papaya tropical hops, sugar glazed pineapples and a grainy character enter mid-palate. Finish is a slight grassy hop bitterness. That grainy character mid-palate ruins a little this is otherwise decent tropical hop driven beverage… (so close to Pirate Life IPA brilliance Colonial). 8/10.

M: Medium to heavy bodied with slight hop oils persistent and a medium carbonation. 8/10.

D: Not quite as grand as Pirate Life IPA (the light blue can – not the black IIPA behemoth) however I can certainly see me buying this on occasion as a better value prospect to the Pirate Life (which is more expensive and a smaller can at 355ml). I think this will go down as a good tropical flavour IPA during what will no doubt be a long (too LONG!) Brisbane summer… plus that entire lid can? Genius! Everyone should be copying that lid on their cans – nothing beats the convenience of drinking a tinnie inside a stubbie cooler and the open lid makes it even easier to chug down a cold one (note: Doc does not condone binge drinking). 10/10.

Food match: Thai Yam Huapli Thot (salad with deep-fried slices of banana blossom).


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