4 Pines Keller Door Hoppy Doppelbock

Total Score: 7.15/10 Caramel1Coriander1DarkFruits1Stein1

From one Lager to another, though I doubt I will find a greater disparity between flavours than this and my last review Fix Hellas. That said I am much more a fan of Doppelbocks – they’re a Lager in Ale clothing. So yeah 4 Pines Keller Door Hoppy Doppelbock better deliver a carefully crafted mixture of bready/malty/dried fruit goodness, and a hop blitzkrieg to be worthy of its nomenclature. I’m sure it will though – Keller Door releases are entirely the best thing about 4 Pines, their mass-market regular range being largely a disappointment. Anyhow, Geronimo, let’s dive in and all that chaps (chapettes)!

Poured from a 500ml bottle into a stein.

A: Presents a healthy hazed Doppelbock-y amber-tinged caramel body with a respectably dense 2 centimetre off-white head. Actually looks a real treat, as most Doppels do [I  ❤ Doppelbocks in case you hadn’t noticed yet]. 8/10.

S: Tangelo and earthy/herbal/cannabis hop characters mingle with sweet caramel and a light bready base. The hops are fresh and clean, just as the doctor ordered [i.e. me]. Aside from that it could use a bit of ramping up in the aroma department – these fragrances are all too distant for me to make concise judgement calls on. 7/10.

T: Flavour is a bit lacking in hops, and it’s got elements of a Doppel as well but not on the same level as my most recent Doppel review: S&W Forefathers Willie Simpson Doppelbock. Where S&W excelled in Doppel flavours this brew struggles to find its compass. Caramel base mixes with an earthy/herbal hop character – more towards the finish, which is of a medium bitterness. Hints of dark fruits come in to play with further sips but ultimately this Doppel collapses like the soggy fruit cake your nana left out in the rain [why nana, why!?]. 7/10.

M: Medium bodied with a light but dense carbonation… probably the most Doppelbock-ish quality of this brew. 8/10.

D: Well it’s a bit of a downward slump for 4 Pines Keller Door releases (their Imperial IPA was a bit lacking in certain areas) hopefully this isn’t a trend that will continue as I recall fondly their weird and woolly Oaked Baltic Porter as a top-notch brew-beater… what do you think I’ll give them another shot hey? Next time you call something ‘hoppy’ though you had better be dry-hopping the shit out of it right 4 Pines? If that is your real name! Verdict: If you want a hoppy Doppelbock sorry but you still need to add hop pellets to your glass of Doppelbock. 7/10.

Food match: Bratwurst or somesuch nonsense, I don’t know, quit bothering me!



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