Nomad Choc Wort Orange

Total Score: 7.5/10 Chocolate1Smoke1Earth1Tulipglass1

I totally admit that I was suckered into getting this beer for 2 reasons: I’m a massive fan of Kubrick, and Anthony Burgess’s novel ‘Clockwork Orange’ (though not Kubrick’s adaptation – it feels like it’s dated worse than any of Kubrick’s other films), and I love a good Jaffa Cake (and the Allen’s lolly version). So it was with nary a whiff of hesitation that I purchased Choc Wort Orange (which works well as a pun if you know that “wort” is pronounced as “wert”). Hopefully the orange peel hasn’t been overdone like the mint in Bacchus After Dinner Stout – it’s a fine line with these flavours.

Poured from a 500ml bottle into a Duvel tulip.

A: Impressively dark – like Darth Vader’s outfit – black body with a thin mocha head that drops back to a thin tan line inside the glass. The head, when it was there, looked fairly dense and that’s always a good thing in an Imperial Stout. 8/10.

S: Cacao nibs, rich dark chocolate, hint of espresso and coffee cherry, and a light orange touch that lingers on in the background. The level of this aroma belies somewhat the (no doubt) bold flavours ahead… i.e. it’s not that big aroma-wise. However I get a sense from every glass swirl that I’m about to be flavour-punched in the tongue. 7/10.

T: Surprisingly restrained for 9.5% ABV. Front palate is a mixture of dark chocolate, cacao nibs and lingering smoke note, this leads on through to an earthy character and finishes with an ever so slight hint of orange in the finish. If anything this has the opposite problem to After Dinner Stout in that it needs more adjunct flavour from the orange peel. Whereas my initial expectations where Jaffa related this brew hits with dark chocolate and smoke. Still it’s quite tasty. 8/10.

M: Mid to heavy body with a light but dense carbonation… not nearly as viscous as FBS (my yardstick for viscosity in Imperial Stouts). 7/10.

D: As a drink-that-you-purchase-due-to-label-promises Nomad Choc Wort Orange fails… though it isn’t a total loss, it is a half decent Imperial Stout, though if it was a plain-old Imp Stout from Nomad I probably wouldn’t have bought it (at least not while I am so over Stouts due to: winter seasonals). In the respect that Choc Wort Orange is false advertising I say “Naughty Nomad!” [quite sternly with a waggled finger], so yeah mixed feelings on this one – caveat emptor! 7/10.

Food match: Orange juice: Poured liberally into your glass with the beer still in it.


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