Colonial Kölsch

Total Score: 6.85/10 Lemon1CutGrass1Barley1PokalStange1

So we had the Small Ale, and t’was good, decent for a mid-strength, though that was also its weakness – being a mid-strength to begin with. Now time for a stab at reviewing their Kölsch, a classic German style of Ale that originates from Köln (or Cologne – you know that stuff you slap on your mug after a nice shave). Kölsch (actually pronounced “kurl-sch” but no one outside of Germany seems to get this) is intriguing in that it’s a style of Ale that comes across as more of a Lager, not unlike Steam Beer. Flavours to be expected include: Lemon, citrus zest, grassy hop notes and a dry white wine overtone, mmm, thirst quenching aiight!

Poured from a 375ml can into a stein.

A: Cloudy pale straw body with a wispy bright white head that thins out rather quickly leaving splotchy patchwork on top. Apart from the non-existent head which a traditional German drinker would shun like the bubonic plague it looks ok. I like cloudy brews, however Kölsch’s are also traditionally clear – this is more of a Wieß (or “white”) in that respect. 6/10.

S: Hits with straight up 100% lemon juice, then it leads into doughy bread characters with a lingering hint of grassy hop notes towards the back. A fairly standard Kölsch aroma, though it is a tad on the muted side. 7/10.

T: As above – lemon juice and grassy hop notes swirl about on the palate (lightly!) with a bread basket centre and some touches of grain. Came out of the fridge ice cold because it was sitting at the back in front of the chill vent, but even so there could be a bit more flavour knocking about (though I could quite easily down this as an after-lawn-mowing brew). 7/10.

M: Mid to light bodied with an over-carbed gassiness that distracts somewhat. 6/10.

D: A fairly decent interpretation of a classic German style – this is a Kölsch that feels like it could impress with just a little bit more flavour. Overall it’s not bad, a good hot weather beer when ice cold, but I’ve been drinking beer for a good while now and if I’m to be honest to myself this brew isn’t wowing me or taking me on a journey to beervana – it’s simply OK. But hey, all beers can’t be awesome – we need some OK filler beers out there, and at the price of $20 a 6-pack of 375ml cans Colonial Kölsch is an easy option to unlade the wallet for a no-frills simple brew, and to that I say “Prost!”. 7/10.

Food match: I know it’s Bavarian cuisine but a Münchner Weißwurst mit ein pretzel und senf would sit well with this Kölsch.


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