Newstead Wastelands Red Rye Ale

Total Score: 6.55/10 Biscuit1Lemon1Peppercorns1Nonicpint1

The latest batch of Newstead’s limited release beers is a Red Rye Ale. Now if you’ve been reading my reviews for a while you’ll know there is one thing I hate (other than macros, of course) are half-assed Rye beers. If you put “Rye” on a label it better taste like there was Rye in the malt bill, none of this wishy-washy “hint of spice” crap, I want dirty/earthy/spicy notes aplenty! I want to be sickened with Rye-overload! Now, time to see if Newstead can pull up their socks and redeem themselves from being one of Brisbane’s most average craft brewers – or will they fail? [they will likely fail with this one]

Poured from a 330ml bottle into a nonic pint.

A: Cloudy deep amber/brownish body with a nice 1 centimetre off-white head that leaves some decent lace on the side of the glass. Strike one on the colour though – hardly what one would consider to be ‘red’ without an Instagram filter. 6/10.

S: Citrus/stonefruit hops with *gasp* a hint of spice. Yep, another f@&king wishy-washy Rye beer… I didn’t doubt it would be piss weak on the Rye like nearly every Rye beer ever made, but somehow I expected… well not more from Newstead, but about the same – disappointing. Second whiff reveals a clearly barley malt biscuit base – no surprises there. Overall aroma isn’t bad at all, just not enough Rye for this white guy [give it to me baby – aha, aha]. 6/10.

T: Peppery notes front palate ease into some biscuit/caramel malts, then follows through to a citrus/stonefruit hop finish – which is mid to light bitterness. Sweet/Bitter balance is a touch on the sweet side until the aftertaste when it leaves a bit of a classy bitter dump on the tongue. This would almost pass as a straight American IPA… a Rye beer though? No. 7/10.

M: Medium bodied with a bit of stickiness and a light but dense carbonation. 7/10.

D: Hey it may not live up to the Rye promise but it’s not terrible… though that lingering bitterness in the aftertaste is distracting. Another run-of-the-mill craft brew from Newstead (who did surprisingly well with The Outpost American Stout) obviously The Outpost was an anomaly in their catalogue of average beers. If this wasn’t classified as a Rye beer, and it didn’t have the bitter aftertaste that overstayed it’s welcome like some sort of derelict unmarried uncle, Newstead might have produced something worth a second taste… oh well. 6/10.

Food match: Newstead was doing this beer with a Reuben sandwich – I missed out on that one.


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