Mornington Peninsula #tinnage006 Sacchariferous Stout

Total Score: 7.4/10 Chocolate1DarkFruits1Coffee1Nonicpint1

Suffering-Sacchariferous Stout! *my best Daffy Duck voice* The latest Mornington Peninsula #tinnage release – which according to the 3 digit number could theoretically reach #999, which at the rate they’re pumping them out is entirely possible – is number 006 and Australia’s 2nd ever nitro beer after the #tinnage004 Dog’s Bollocks. Keep ‘em coming Mornington, I enjoyed Dog’s Bollocks, even had Dog’s Bollocks in my mouth the other day [that is the last Dog’s Bollocks joke I will ever write I swear!] so I’m looking forward to this nitro Milk Stout.

Poured (vigorously) from a 330ml nitro-charged can into a nonic pint.

A: Looks a real treat! Deep dark cola brown with a perfect 1 centimetre tan head that stands tall – I love nitro beers. Give it a minute though and the head falls slowly back onto itself like a dying star – what a shame hey. 8/10.

S: Sweet milk chocolate and roasted chicory notes abound. Hints of dark fruit and mocha latte linger on in the background. The aroma is decent enough, not too muted, borderline great as far as Milk Stouts go (which can tend towards blandness – they’re the Al Gore of Stouts). 8/10.

T: Sweet milk chocolate and roasted chicory mingle with hints of dark fruit and mocha latte. Finishes dry, like an Irish Dry Stout, with a hint of coffee bitterness. Flavour is solid with a toasty/roasty Milk Stout goodness then. 8/10.

M: Not good – loses its nitro carbonation really quickly, so drink up fast if you want to experience it best – for this review mine ended up with mid to light body and flat as a tack carbonation. 4/10.

D: The biggest problem came because my reviews generally take 5-10 mins to type up and in this time Sacchariferous Stout went totally flat! Weird because I didn’t get that experience with the Dog’s Bollocks (that was lumpy and slightly salty to taste… face!). I think I would have enjoyed this more if I was just drinking it (quickly!) rather than reviewing it, so take my point inasmuch as you would for your own drinking pace – mine is quite fast, I can down a 6-pack of beer at a rate that would leave me poor (and yellow-skinned) if I didn’t put a pre-set limit on myself. So yeah I’m going to down the next remaining cans in the 4-pack as quickly as possible so that the nitro doesn’t have a chance to escape forever into our atmosphere before my glass is empty, Prost peeps! 7/10.

Food match: I was going to end with the usual witty remark like “drinking quickly” but as an actual suggestion beef and Guinness pie is kinda useful.


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