Young Henrys Natural Lager

Total Score: 5.6/10 Honeycomb1Lemon1Barley1Stein1

Young Henrys Natural Lager made me think “I bet there’s a way I could make a joke about this beer being a natural blonde/brunette/redhead” but then that would be lame and here at we don’t do lame jokes… So without further ado *drumroll* Young Henrys Natural Lager where the carpet matches the drapes! [Wait, what?! That doesn’t even make sense lame joke or not]. Anyhow this is the last of the full-time Young Henrys I’ve yet to review and I feel like I’ve gone a bit Pokemon on this brewery and “collected them all” so there’s a box ticked there at least… now I can have that coronary I’ve been putting off for years, thank you Young Henrys!

Poured from a 375ml can into a stein.

A:  Hazed golden/straw coloured body with a white sea foam 1 centimetre head that drops back to a microscopic layer of foam (even dragged my microscope out for this one). Not bad, not great, not purple, not harmonica, not Sunday-fete, Lager? Yes, that. A natural blonde too. Head could have been a bit more adventurous. 7/10.

S: If I didn’t know any better I could have sworn someone dropped a honey/lemon cough drop into my beer… but no, it’s just Natural Lagers natural aroma. It’s not ba… I’m going to shut up now. 7/10.

T: *superhero voice* Lemon and honey combine to bring you the beer equivalent of a soothing cough drop! Apart from those overriding (though muted) characteristics it has a slight grainy note and finishes with a crisp/dry note… if I could evoke a visual descriptor for this beer imagine this: You’re sitting on a rocking chair, on a porch in the middle of the day in town where nothing happens called “Dead Gulch, Arizona”. A tumbleweed rolls past. End scene. 5/10.

M: At least the body is ok – mid to light, a little flat but gassy at the same time. 6/10.

D: I’m really spoiled for Lagers since I discovered flavoursome ones such as Sierra Nevada’s Nooner Pilsner or [ANY] Bock – this Young Henrys is a bit like their entire line-up: Wishy-washy (aside from Hop Ale which is OK). If you want an uninspiring craft Lager then look no further – you’ve found it. Now shoot yourself – you suck at liking beers! If Young Henrys were selling fairy-floss they would sell flavours like: Water cracker, vermicelli, plain yoghurt and chestnut. Little boys/girls would be left in tears, and with the beers they brew at the moment I’m frankly surprised if there aren’t any craft beer men crying into their long beards. 5/10.

Food match: The common cold.


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