Colonial Small Ale

Total Score: 6.95/10 Biscuit1Flowers1Caramel1Nonicpint1

Mid-strength wha?!? Doc, you never drink mid-strength! Yeah I know man, woman… beer-drinking robot from the future… sometimes though I feel the need to give a mid-strength beer a chance, more as consumer advice to you dear reader than anything else. This Small Ale from Colonial (based out of Margaret River in WA… Western Australia – not a US state) comes highly recommended from several peeps, so yeah I’m going to give it a chance, even though: Mid-strength. I just don’t get them – I would rather drink 1 x 8.5% ABV Duvel and drive than 2-3 mid-strength beers – that’s my philosophy in the matter anyhow.

Poured from a neat-o 375ml can where the entire lid lifts off: Love it! Into a nonic pint.

A: Cloudy amber body with a 1 centimetre white head that soon subsides to a thin layer of foam. Looks s’right, nice and cloudy – when it comes to beer IMO cloudy is the shit (i.e. good). 8/10.

S: Caramel/biscuit malt base precedes a floral/fruity hop note – it’s more English Pale Ale than American Pale Ale, which is to say there is a decent malt base aroma to balance out some fruity hops. So far this is an exemplary mid-strength – it has an aroma that would rival a fair few full-strength beers. 8/10.

T: Here’s where all mid-strengths generally fall apart like a French mime in a musical about cheese: It’s a tad bit muted and a bit boring (yes I’m not a fan of cheese). The caramel/biscuit malt base comes through, then light floral hops and a touch of citrus, finishing more dry than bitter. It’s well executed – I can taste that – but it’s just not my nonic pint of beer. I need GUSTO! I’d settle for just Gus, I’m sure Gus can put together a decent beer [who’s Gus?] who cares? 7/10.

M: Light(ish) bodied with a medium to high carbonation… it’s not doing itself any favours here either. 6/10.

D: Decent effort, but I’m not about to go out of my way to drink another mid-strength for a while. I had high hopes that maybe I could be swayed into mid-strength beers for reasons I would go so far as to group into one large category I label “my beer gut”, alas this is not the mid-strength messiah that will lure me from my 12% ABV quad-strength behemoth beers… I’m sure one day though I will find a mid-strength beer with enough flavour to warrant a change, I just got to keep looking. 6/10.

Food match: Mid-strength food? Say fish and chips? Hot dog with tomato sauce? Ok.


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