Feral Ace of Base Imperial India Saison

Total Score: 7.25/10 Lemon1Clove1Peppercorns1Tulipglass1

“All that she wants is another baby, she’s gone tomorrow boy…” couldn’t get that song out of my head when I bought this beer – there should be a strict and immediate ban on any beers named after crap 90’s bands. In any case WTF is with brewers inventing their own styles: Imperial India Saison?! Where will it end?! “Hi, I’d like to buy that new Double India Russian Imperial Quadrupel”… hmmm, that doesn’t sound too bad, but it’s definitely going to be heavy at 28% ABV. I digress, thanks to Feral.

Poured from a 330ml bottle into a Duvel tulip.

A: Cloudy sort of nice light Tangelo coloured body with a white half centimetre cappuccino foam head that slowly recedes back to a thin lace covering. Certainly looks very tasty… as far as Saisons go this one is a bit more dense looking, but then again it is an “Imperial India Saison” *eyes roll*. 8/10.

S: Sorachi Ace(d) to the nines with an overbearing lemon note upfront, along with clove Phenols (the Saison yeasts doing no doubt), candi sugar and more lemon in the form of lemon hard candies rounds out a Sorachi/Saisony aroma. If you like those 2 things you’ll be on to a winner my nose suspects. 8/10.

T: Lemon, lemon, lemon! This brew has more Lemmons than a 1950’s comedy feature [see if you can work that one out for your-Google]. Bit of clove spice, along with some pepper at the back, and that 8.3% ABV pops its head up and says “Helloooo!” with its obnoxious solventy ways. Finish is bitter but not overly so given the style… I think… it’s hard to tell with these made-up styles. I like the lemons, but less alco-burn would be nice. 7/10.

M: Mid to light bodied with some lively frizzante carbonation. 7/10.

D: Hit and miss? A little… it’s not bad, but it doesn’t have much more than lemons going on – I personally love lemons and used to eat/watch them when I was younger. Nowadays though I need a bit more happening for me to get excited about something. Also this one feels a bit boozy, and not in a good here’s-uncle-Bill-and-he’s-all-boozed-up-and-giving-out-$5-notes-for-laughs* kinda way. It’s more just a harsh booziness. With lemons. 7/10.

Food match: I saw the sign. I opened up my eyes I saw the sign. With mustard.

*I don’t actually have an uncle Bill – that’s just how good a writer I am, I drew you into this world where uncle Bill exists – mind blown? Yes.


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