Garage Project Cherry Bomb

Total Score: 7.75/10 Chocolate1Cherry1Coffee1Tulipglass1

I’m looking forward to this one: Garage Project Cherry Bomb. I love cherries. I love Imperial Porters (aka Imperial Stouts). Seems like a match made in a really pleasant, well-lit and very clean place [I don’t believe in heaven so this is the closest analogy I could find]. I do quite like the old Garage Project boys, however I often wonder if they have a rampant cocaine addiction given the price of their beers – this 650ml bottle retails at around $24 here – I mean come-on guys: I know you need to get money for blow somehow but this is getting ridiculous. If it wasn’t for their beers being so good I wouldn’t keep finding myself funding their next expedition to Colombia, but I guess they do know how to brew.

Poured from a 650ml bottle into a Duvel tulip.

A: Presents an indeterminably deep black/brown body with a nice gooey tan half centimetre head that I’m surprised sticks around so well given the 9% ABV of this brew [the higher the ABV past 6% the less chance you’ll get a head]. 9/10.

S: Not really detecting cherry in the aroma – unless we’re talking coffee cherries (i.e. coffee in its unroasted ripe fruit form) there’s plenty of that going on. Along with hints of cacao nibs and dark bakers chocolate. A few swirls later and a sour cherry note comes to the fore, mmmm… It’s difficult to tell how sweet this is from the aroma, which is predominantly sour. 7/10.

T: Quite good… interesting, not quite what I was expecting. Begins with a sweet/sour cacao nib character before hitting a dirty/earthy coffee bitterness, (oddly!) some cinnamon spice, hints of sour cherry with a slight coffee cherry bitterness in the finish. Aftertaste lingers on with an earthy note and some warming alcohol. The cherry characters do disappear somewhat due to the overpowering cacao nibs. Still it is quite tasty. I like it. I like it a lot. 8/10.

M: Medium bodied with near zero carbonation (although the carbonation that exists is really dense) which is surprising given the head formation noted above. 7/10.

D: Tasty? Check! Expensive? Check! That seems to be the Garage Project way I guess. I hope by now those guys have a gold-plated Learjet that they fly around in “making it rain” with $50 bills because a) They charge a lot for their brews, and b) They deserve it – they taste [from their beers] like a cool set of chaps (and/or dames). TL;DR Should taste like a cherry-ripe but doesn’t, but it’s still good nonetheless. 8/10.

Food match: Cherry pie with chocolate sauce.


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