Monteith’s Brewer’s Series American Pale Ale

Total Score: 5.45/10 Malt1Coriander1Caramel1Nonicpint1

After having Monteith’s shite Southern Pale Ale I was a bit wary about trying another brew from the seminal NZ brewer – you know that old chestnut “once bitten, twice shy”, yeah that one. Well I must be a glutton for punishment (either that or a dyed-in-the-wool bargain hunter). Here’s another APA from Monteith’s with my second favourite hop in it: Citra. Here’s me hoping they didn’t balls it up again! [I mean really how hard is it to brew a decent Pale Ale these days? Just put a dump truck load of hops in the dry hopping and be done with it man!].

Poured from a 330ml bottle into a nonic pint.

A: Virtually clear (with the ever so slight of hazed) deep amber body with a reasonably dense 1 cm white head… I’m concerned the look of this beer is going to be its best quality. 8/10.

S: Lemony Citra notes present in limited quantity – I mean if you’ve ever tried Oakham’s Citra: This brew is an example of excellent Citra notes – however this Monteith’s is definitely lacking a hearty Citra wallop. Other than that there is a worryingly bold malt character with biscuit and caramel surprisingly overpowering the hops! Herbal notes in the background. Disappointing overall. 5/10.

T: Overall a big malt bomb – for a reputed “West Coast American Pale Ale” this is a sacrilegious offence. Some light weedy/herbal/citric hop bitterness towards the finish but ultimately this is one of the biggest travesties of an APA I’ve had in a long time… since the Southern Pale Ale last year actually, strike two Monteith’s! 5/10.

M: Medium bodied with a slight oiliness and a light but dense carbonation – at least they got one other thing right. 8/10.

D: Wow, what a terribly executed brew from Monteith’s, seriously what happened to them – I do recall their beers being somewhat good, or perhaps my palate has become more refined from drinking heaps of awesome APAs? Either way this is going to be a real shitty 6-pack to finish – it’s like amateur hour here, stupid Monteith’s, if I ever consider buying another one of their beers again remind me to kick myself in my ass… thanks peeps. Some constructive critique for Monteith’s: If you’re going to brew a Pale Ale that is a malt bomb call it an “English Pale Ale” – there’s some free advice. 5/10.

Food match: Doc’s classic response for beers he deems shit: Fish & Chips, or in Kiwi: Fush & Chups, chair bra.


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