Killer Sprocket Amber Ale

Total Score: 7.35/10 Caramel1Earth1Nut1Nonicpint1

I’m rather looking forward to this one – Killer Sprocket have so far been a rather decent brewer and this Amber Ale, which I’ve [disclaimer] had before on tap, was one of those brews that I wish I had taken notes on: Yes, I sometimes just drink a new beer without reviewing it, I know: Shock/horror! In any case I don’t know if it’s the impending requirement of light winter clothing here in Queensland (aka the place that still reaches 20 Celsius even in the middle of winter) but I’m really gravitating towards the darker amber fluids like there’s no tomorrow (spoiler: there is). Only problem is I’ve already covered off all the major Aussie Amber Ales, so I’ll likely run out by July.

Poured from a 330ml bottle into a nonic pint.

A: Hazed mahogany body with a 1.5 cm an almost tan head that leaves some decent lace on the side of the glass. Quite a looker this Amber Ale, sort of thing you want to tuck straight in to. 8/10.

S: This is a toasty/roasted/caramel/nut feast for the nose! As far as Aussie Amber Ales go this is up there FTW. Earthy overtones as well… simply a winner in these stakes. Hints of citrus hops linger on in the background. This is one mighty fine Amber! 9/10.

T: Flavour takes on a more subdued note with the above noted aromas coming out with the notable difference being a bitter slant towards the hops – not good in a style that should favour sweet malts over hops, but forgivable purely because it’s a nice tasting brew – it’s clean from front to back, malts are complex enough (though lacking) and the hops have a nice earthy/herbal character in the finish. 7/10.

M: Mid to light bodied with a crisp/tight carbonation – works well enough without distracting – though more body would be good [I think Sir Mixalot wrote a song about that]. 6/10.

D: This isn’t the Killer Sprocket Amber Ale I remember from when it was first released – and the ABV has changed from 5.2% to 4.8% which might go some way to explaining why I liked it better last time. Here’s my [free!] advice to Mr. Killer: Change the hop profile – you’re killing this brew with disproportionate hop bitterness and amp up the malting – and then you’ll be on to a killer, rather than a slightly killed, brew. 7/10.

Food match: Yankee pot roast.


2 thoughts on “Killer Sprocket Amber Ale

  1. You’re really on the Killer Sprocket lately 🙂 I agree, the old recipe was better. I ran into the brewer at a festival a little while back and he was saying they wanted to slow it down and allow people to drink more of it. So they made it a bit more bitter (so you’d go slower) and lowered the alcohol. It’s still a great beer, but it’s hard to change both the size AND hop profile of a beer without dramatically changing it. It’s not the same 😦


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