Moon Dog Double Scoop

Total Score: 7.5/10 Honeycomb1Vanilla1Pineapple1Tulipglass1

How to judge this brew? Double Scoop is the latest Moon Dog beers-you-mix-together craze and this one appealed to me more than Coughlin’s Diet due to Holdin’ Hay Time: Toffee-vanilla-chocolate-honeycomb-ish Ale (Golden Gaytimes being my favourite ice cream – Google it). The other beer in the twin-pack Splice of Heaven: Pine-lime IPA being less appealing but nonetheless a tasty sounding idea. Anyway I ended up doing a sort of triple review (with the individual beers and a mix in the tulip glass, yes, yes OCD and all that). Here goes.

Poured from two 330ml bottles into beer show sample cups then a Duvel tulip.

A: HHT: Hazed dark amber with a thin cream coloured head. 7/10. SOH: Hazed golden body with a half cm white head. 8/10. Both: HHT but slighter lighter in body and head. 7/10.

S: HHT: Wheat, honey, toffee and vanilla, très bien! 9/10. SOH: Sweet pineapple chunks in syrup from the can, hint of vanilla, pretty nice – preferred HHT though. 8/10. Both: Interestingly the lime comes out more when the two are mixed, with the other notes knocking around in the background. 8/10.

T: HHT: Creamy honeyed toffee with a smack of vanilla – very much sugar forward (the other will balance it out) but nonetheless I like this beer on its own. 9/10. SOH: Creamy as well (how did they make these beers so creamy???) with a definite sharp pine/lime hop slant… still quite tasty. 8/10. Both: Woah! A bit of a cacophony of flavours going on… in fact I would go as far as to say both beers are better off by themselves for the very reasons that make them unique in the first place. 7/10.

M: All three had the same body: Medium, slightly sticky, with a light creamy carbonation. 8/10.

D: I only ended up drinking half a glass of them together because luckily I saved the rest in the bottles. Overall the sum is lessor than the parts as this Double Scoop tasted better separated. In fact the Holdin’ Hay Time was very tasty and a beer I would drink again if it was ever sold separately. Once again Moon Dog have pushed that giant red button of experimentation and succeeded in something that makes you think about how interesting and varied beer can be, and for that I salute you Moon Dog – keep up the keepin’ up you diamond dogs. 8/10.

Food match: What do you pair with a big glass of confusion (if you mixed the beers together that is)… umm, chicken? Or maybe giraffe with a side of zebra.


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