Störtebeker Atlantik-Ale

Total Score: 6.35/10 Lemon1 Biscuit1 Orange1 Nonicpint1

From those Lederhosen wearing chaps at Störtebeker Braumanufaktur (I dare any non-German speaker to say that 6 times quickly) comes Atlantik-Ale, their most seaworthy of ales, as I am led to believe. Now we all liked their Roggenbier, at least I did, and I am intrigued by this “Atlantik-Ale” done presumably in the American Pale Ale style as I’ve never in all my 1001 years on this planet (I am quite old) seen a German brewer make an APA. Set phasers to intrigued people.

Poured from a 500ml bottle into a stein… I just didn’t have the heart to pour a German beer into a nonic pint, it just doesn’t seem right.

A: Weird hazy almost fluoro-yellow body with a billowy 2 cm white head, what is going on here Störtebeker? Pale Ale? Fluoro Yellow Ale more like it… bizarre. 5/10.

S: Aroma is quite lemony and air freshener-like. Hints of flowery perfume and biscuit malts linger in the background struggling to overcome the sheer lemoness of this ale… yeah you read me – lemoness. I gave it a 7 for being so damn odd. 7/10.

T: Starts off with a potpourri floral hop note, then hints with slight lemon citrus (not as pronounced as I was expecting) dry cracker malt mid-palate and it finishes like a lick of the Sahara desert… which is strange for an APA. Aftertaste is strongly reminiscent of orange juice – the real stuff not the concentrate. Again this “Atlantik-Ale” throws up some surprises, but not to its benefit in this case. 6/10.

M: Mid to light bodied with a tight, almost creamy carbonation – probably the best this beer has to offer, no wait not probably – definitely. 8/10.

D: Proving that Germans don’t brew well out of their comfort zone is perhaps a bit of a harsh critique, however in the case of this particular beer Störtebeker really have bitten off more than they could purple… and if that last bit doesn’t make any sense it’s because this brew doesn’t make any sense – it’s all over the shop like an octopi proprietor, which is a shame because I didn’t mind the Roggen-Weizen (although that brew had its faults too). I’ll be putting this in the “won’t be getting again unless I’m in the mood for something weird” basket. 6/10.

Food match: This is a seafood brew all the way – baked snapper or trout with battered and fried calamari rings and a light garden salad should do the trick.


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