Matilda Bay Lazy Yak Australian Pale Ale

Total Score: 3.9/10 Barley1 Malt1 Lemon1 Nonicpint1

Well it looks like Matilda Bay’s macro Lager owner CUB (Carlton United Bollocks) has inched the once great craft brewer even further into crap beer territory – we have evidence of this with the lacklustre-at-best Minimum Chips, and now the once beloved (for me at least) Fat Yak is the target of that Midas touch that turns everything to shit… or is it? We’ll find out soon enough with this review of the newly minted: Matilda Bay Lazy Yak Australian Pale Ale.

Poured from a 345ml bottle into a nonic pint.

A: Not a good start when your craft APA looks like a macro Lager – clear light golden body with a foamy white half centimetre head on top. A bit of a weak effort when you compare it to the delightfully caramel-coloured body of Fat Yak. 2/10.

S: No improvement here with a granular malt character up front, as much as could be expected from a Pale Ale pretender… the bottle label declares a “signature Yakima valley hop” yet there is little to distinguish it from the malt aside from a slight citric hint. 4/10.

T: Yep, fears confirmed – this is a macro Lager in Pale Ale clothing. It’s definitely an Aussie one too with that overbearing cereal grain flavour that one finds in all the cheap Lagers. Along with that is an artificial lemon note… are there any real hops in this or are we dealing with an extract brew? Who knows, who cares? All I know is I’ve wasted good beer money on this crap (just as well I only got a single and not a six pack). 4/10.

M: Mid to light bodied with a medium carbonation… at least it gets one thing right – the body isn’t too watery as expected. 6/10.

D: How the once mighty have indeed fallen? Matilda CUBay have taken the once excellent reputation of Fat Yak and figuratively dragged it through the mud, is this even a Pale Ale? Tastes nothing like one, TBH my amateur homebrew Pale Ale blows this out of the water and it was only my third attempt ever at brewing beer… and it was done in a crappy old plastic fermenter with little actual knowledge of how to actually brew… this Lazy Yak is a joke. Avoid it if you love anything even remotely close to a Pale Ale. 3/10.

Food match: If you’re going to drink the fast food equivalent of beer you may as well eat a cheeseburger, don’t waste your money on good food.


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