HopDog Alluvial Peach

Total Score: 7.5/10 Peach1 Vanilla1 Wood1 Tulipglass1

“Another day, another HopDog review” as they say [no they don’t… who’s “they” anyway?]. I’m not a huge peach fan, I’m a nectarine fan, which you can argue is simply a smooth skinned peach – they are from the same species, to wit I counter: Shut up, they taste different, QED and on we go. The take home point of this whole mini-saga is that I don’t like peaches but I like HopDog that much that I will suck it up to review their Alluvial Peach, and I may even enjoy it [you know you will, you fake peach hater Doc].NB: This is the 2015 vintage.

Poured from a 330ml bottle into a Duvel tulip.

A: Pale golden body with some yeast particles floating around along with a dog hair* (I kid you not!) perhaps it is a hair from the mythical HopDog? Regardless I plucked the hair out of the glass and like the mighty beer explorer that I am I continued the review with a shrug. The head BTW is thin white lace. 7/10.

S: WOW, this is one Tart brew (with a captial ‘T’). Peaches give a bold Umeboshi character which dominates any other aromas. Hints of a sherbet sweetness cower in the background along with oaky overtones. 9/10.

T: Gueuze sourness is present throughout the flavour profile. Following this is the eponymous peach, almost ume, character, some sherbet (without the accompanied sweetness) and some oak barrel vanilla. The overall palate is a bit one sided, slanted towards sour, and you’ve got to expect that with an intentionally soured brew, but it’s missing something else, some je ne suis pas certain some extra element of sweetness that would cut through the tartness and give it more character. 7/10.

M: Mid to light bodied with a fizzy, sharp carbonation that works well with the tartness of this brew. 8/10.

D: This is one beer which proves that Australian brewers can brew Belgian-style sour beers. Compared to a real Belgian sour it comes close to stacking up against the big boys but ultimately falls short of the complexity and finesse of a true Belgian brew. That said I did enjoy how the tartness of this brew wasn’t heavy-handed or overbearing, it was in that sour-sweet-spot (to coin a contradictory term) and reasonably moreish. Not one of HopDog’s best brews, but their best brews are damn fantastic so they’ve set the bar high there. 7/10.

Food match: This palate cleansing brew will cut any cheese platter in twain.

*This brew gives new meaning to phrase “hair of the dog”.


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