Nomad Freshie Salt & Pepper Gose

Total Score: 7.5/10 Oyster1 Bread1 Lemon1 Tulipglass1

Houston, we have Gose… Copy that Eagle… damn if this is not one of the most monumental reviews I’ve ever done. EVA. Simply because of the rarity of the style Gose in Australia… but Nomad, clever bastards they are, have brewed what I believe is the first ever Gose on Australian shores, and now I finally get to taste something American beer drinkers have been taking for granted for so many years: This is a big moment for me. Let me set the stage – Gose (pronounced “Go-sar”) originated from a town (coincidentally named Goslar) near Leipzig in Germany. Brewed with wild yeasts and mineral-rich salinated water from aquifers near the town it is a beer renowned for its salty/sour combination… anyway enough talk, it’s beer time!

Poured from a 500ml bottle into a Duvel tulip.

A: Hazy light pale-straw body with a bright white ring of lace and a rather interesting mix of different sized bubbles in the glass. After agitating the glass with a whirlpool action I managed to coax a half centimetre head. I’m consulting the BJCP 2008 for my scoring criteria… wait the BJCP doesn’t have this style, awkward. 8/10.

S: Can definitely pick up the sour yeast Lambic characters straight away… the salt and spice are a little more elusive but in the as well, essentially we have: Sour bread, barnyard, sea salt, cracked pepper… nothing knock-out amazing though. 6/10.

T: Huh… hmmm… OK then… huh… off the bat this is a whole different beer to everything else you’ve ever had – take the cornerstone flavour types of beer: Sweet/bitter, and completely replace them with: Salty/sour – that is (this) Gose to a T. The salty mineral characters hit upfront with a barnyardy, sour bread note as the counterpoint. Not really getting any pepper though I am getting a squeeze of lemon juice. It tastes a lot like Eno (a fast-acting effervescent lemon & salt drink) lucky for Gose I do like Eno (used to drink it after a workout because I felt like Eno, yo). 8/10.

M: The body is also interesting – it feels quite heavy but at the same time watery with a flat (but gassy) carbonation – I burped a few times drinking this. 7/10.

D: Well what exactly did I expect from Gose? A beer-like substance? It still is a beer but it’s not like any beer you’ll ever try due to the Eno-esque flavours at play. Did I like it? Yes… to a degree… I can see this, much like the Kvass I recently reviewed for the first time, going down a treat on a hot summers day but I can’t help shake the nagging overall impression that what I’m actually drinking is an antacid instead of a beer. 8/10.

Food match: Salt & pepper squid… or reflux (if you have it).


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