Mountain Goat Surefoot Stout

Total Score: 6.7/10 Caramel1 Coffee1 Malt1 Nonicpint1

Apparently this Stout has been around for a while now… never seen it before and thought it was a brand-new Mountain Goat release – and I do enjoy their brews (though mainly when they’re at their wackiest with the Rare Breed single batches). Well, their web site doesn’t even have this beer listed – maybe I’m imagining it? Perhaps it doesn’t really exist, like in some sort of beer matrix, or “the beertrix” – damn that sounds like an awesome film idea starring Keanu Reeves as a Craft Brewer also known as ‘Faro’, he finds out that the macro beer world is an illusion and ends up leading the craft beer revolution! [note: there is no spoon].

Poured from a 375ml can into a nonic pint.

A: Clear cola coloured body with a beige cappuccino foam 2 cm head that leaves a decent lace on the side of the glass… good marks here. 7/10.

S: Caramel-tinged sweet and roasted malts greet you upfront, not used to caramel notes in a Stout but what the hell Mountain Goat, with hints of earthy coffee and spring water in the background. Aroma, apart from the caramel, is pretty much in the ball-park for a classic Irish Dry Stout. 7/10.

T: Exactly as above: sweet caramel/roasted malts, earthy coffee and spring water. Finish is dry, toasty with a touch of coffee grind bitterness. The flavour does have a hint of metal my fillings are telling me, however from a can it is to be expected, in fact it would be weird if it didn’t have a metallic aftertaste. Could definitely benefit from a bit more flavour but that is the Russian Imperial Stout drinker in me talking. 7/10.

M: Mid to light bodied, a tad watery, with a lightish carbonation. Heavy beers have really killed my appreciation of lighter bodied beers, oh well. 6/10.

D: Well it is certainly not Mountain Goat’s finest hour. It is also not their worst either – I think their Summer Ale holds claim to that title – this is simply put: Middle-of-the-road, and when you’re a brewer like Mountain Goat that has some solid beers on offer (hell their Steam Ale introduced me to the Steam Beer style) you have the ability to create a better Stout than this. Overall… those things you wear… sorry, bad joke, Mountain Goat can do better, and so can I (as a consumer – probably not as a brewer, still haven’t made a Stout yet) so I will stick with Samuel Smith’s or Founders Breakfast Stout or Old Raspy or Coopers Best Extra, etc… no lack of good Stout options out there. 6/10.

Food match: Tinned Irish stew with crusty white bread or a Ploughman’s lunch.


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