Big Shed Brewing Frankenbrown

Total Score: 7.4/10 Earth1 Chocolate1 Coriander1 Nonicpint1

Big Shed Brewing – never heard of them before, neither had BeerAdvocate, but I was immediately drawn to the Frankenstein’s monster with the face of James Brown on the bottle label – that’s how I roll, sometimes a label with a silly pun/picture is enough to warrant a review from me. I guess I’m a bit loose with my review criteria, but really I just enjoy buffeting on the winds of beer label fancy, that’s why this site and my reviews are a product of passion – because I’m not doing this for anything but my own joy – like it or lump it… or vigorously stir out those lumps with an egg-whisk, either way – I love writing about beers with weird pictures of James Brown on the label.

Poured from a 640ml bottle into a nonic pint.

A: This has to be one of the brownest Brown Ales I’ve ever seen, no doubt James Brown would be proud to associate his face with the face of Frankenstein’s monster on the label of this brew – I know I would. Apart from the hazy chocolate brown body there is a tan cappuccino foam 2cm head on top. 9/10.

S: Earthy, very earthy, as if dirt was somehow used in the brewing of Frankenbrown, with added notes of cacao nibs, light roasted coffee and biscuit malts. This is almost the aroma of a tasty Chocolate or Milk Stout – I love both of those styles. Hints of hops add an indelible herbal note to this excellent scent. 9/10.

T: Then comes the flavour… which is well balanced, but not nearly as intense as the aroma promised. Yes, yes, Frankenbrown has that big earthy tone with cacao nibs, light roasted coffee, biscuit malts and a backing hop herbal note. Yes, yes, it tastes good, however it could taste even better, perhaps at a higher gravity – this Brown Ale actually reminds me of the damn tasty Kaiju! Beer Cthulhu On The Moon… only less flavourful, but still good. 7/10.

M: Mid to light bodied with a slight gassy carbonation. 6/10.

D: Another brew that falls short of its aroma promise, funnily enough I’ve always found my sense of smell to be one of my weakest senses, however my beer adventures would suggest otherwise… or maybe I’m killing my sense of taste with ghost chillies and dry-hopped west coast IPAs… who knows, all I know is that Big Shed need only try Kaiju’s Cthulhu On The Moon to get an idea of how good Frankenbrown could really be. 7/10.

Food match: Nasi Lemak or Indonesian Mi Goreng.


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