BrewCult Buggin’ Out Black IPA

Total Score: 7.15/10 Earth1 PapayaMango1 Coffee1 Nonicpint1

Here’s another top-notch Hendo (aka BrewCult) beer waiting to be reviewed by Doc (aka DocBräu), this time we have a Black IPA – the new beer geek trendy style (that I personally love). Black IPAs combine two awesome styles – Stout and India Pale Ales, so what is there not to like? [nothing Mr. Rhetorical Question].

Poured from tap into a Schooner.

A: Obsidian black bodied, can’t tell if it’s cloudy but I’m guessing “yes, indeed I am sir”. There is a thin mocha lace on top. Quite an appealing looking BIPA Mr. Hendo. 8/10.

S: A great combo of lychee/mango hop characters with roast coffee notes in the background. The balance leans more towards hops that dominate the tasty roasted malts, a great aroma nonetheless. 8/10.

T: Ooo, deep earthy roasted barley, the tropical hops noted in the aroma fade away somewhat here as Buggin’ Out finishes with bitterness from medicinal herbal notes and roasted coffee bean. The balance is better here but it needs mucho gusto, sorry Hendo. 7/10.

M: Mid to light bodied with a light carbonation. A tad too watery for the style. 6/10.

D: It’s another decent brew from Hendo, however stacked up against brews like Kooinda Full Nelson BIPA, Feral Karma Chameleon and Kaiju Behemoth (also Cthulhu)… well it’s difficult to beat those brews. Good effort though BrewCult. 7/10.

Food match: Spare ribs… covered in sauce of some description along with roasted potatoes au gratin… covered in gratin of some description. Giant grilled mushrooms being the vegetarian alternative to the ribs.


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