Wig & Pen Sequoia American Amber Ale

Total Score: 7.9/10 HopFlower1 Grapefruit1 Nut1 Nonicpint1

Holy S##t!* It’s been a while since I reviewed a beer, and not for lacking of drinking but more for a lack of interest in trying new beers, though never fear dear reader – I’m back with a bang! First up is a Wig & Pen brew, which I had recently at their relocated micro-brewery, and damn did it remind me how excellent their beers/brewing techniques are. This fine American Amber Ale is done in the West Coast style and promises from the name to be a piney brew. Alright!

Poured from tap into a nonic pint.

A: A delicious, for the style, hazy red/copper body with a thin white lace on top… as you well know by now I’m not too fussed about head- on my beers, jeez let me finish my sentence before jumping to conclusions. 8/10.

S: Pine needles, as expected and very fresh, I have a Norfolk pine in my backyard and the aroma is spot on fresh picked Norfolk pine tips, nice. There are the characteristic West Coast grapefruit hop notes as well, followed by roasted chestnut and a caramel malt base, très bien! 8/10.

T: Spot on the aroma. No surprises (in a good way). It does exhibit that classic Wig & Pen trait of being big without being too big – Wig & Pen brews for me are almost always right on the money, though there is a part of me that feels this could be a little bigger given what they set out to do, but I’m still enjoying the tasty end result. 8/10.

M: Mid to light, borderline medium bodied, with a light pub carbonation, no complaints here. 7/10.

D: Piney, earthy, nutty, citrusy, what is there not to like about this brew? It sets out to be a West Coast (i.e. IPA hoppy) American Amber Ale and it nails the style almost perfectly. I could quite easily knock back a session of these. Negatives? It could be a touch bolder, but that is really a minor quibble for an otherwise excellent drop, cheers! 8/10.

Food match: Rib eye fillet (rare of course) with a porcini mushroom cream roux and grilled asparagus.

*Don’t assume I’m swearing here, I could be saying “Holy Seat!”… but yeah, “Shit” is more likely… and happens.


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