La Sirène Belgian Praline

Total Score: 9.05/10 Chocolate1 BrownSugar1 Nut1 Tulipglass1

So this brewery, La Sirène, has kinda popped up out of nowhere doing beers in the style of the country I love best for brewing: Belgium. I must say I was shocked to say the least when I first tried this Belgian Praline, I real contender for my fridge door (if I can ever get my hands on it again) courtesy of The Durham Arms in Canberra – the home of an endless rotation of weird and wonderful craft beers. Anyway I’m jumping the gun on my review revealing this is in fact an excellent brew [yeah, WTF me?!].

Poured from tap into a Schooner.

A: Deep dark, dare I say it because the word will be spread quite liberally throughout this review; chocolate coloured body, with a khaki 2cm head that retains extremely well for a 6% ABV brew (it held for nearly the entire review – and I take my time writing these too). 9/10.

S: Off the bat there is a strong note of crème de cacao giving it a chocolaty/spirit aroma. Throw in some almost-burnt caramelised sugar and you have this brew in a nutshell. Seems like the nose is hiding some expected complexity but we’ll see hey? 8/10.

T: Damnmmm (a portmanteau of ‘Damn’ and ‘Mmm’) this has to be quite possibly the most chocolaty beer I’ve ever encountered. I love it. Smoky/roast notes of chocolate along with multifaceted flavours including: Cacao nib bitterness, caramelised sugar, hazelnut and hints of dark fruit. This is easily one of the best dark beers I’ve had. Chocolate praline in a glass. 10/10.

M: Mid to light bodied with a nice velvety carbonation, though I think I have the tap to thank for this excellent body. 9/10.

D: Interesting flavour profile, and interesting = excellent to me. Not a drink I would go more than two or three Schooners per session though, perhaps a bit too interesting and flavourful in that respect, but as a chocolate beer this one rules the roost and I give it the Doc hops seal of approval – you can only find this on products which meet the high personal standards of Doc the beer-connoisseur. Looking forward to trying La Sirène’s other brews now. 8/10.

Food match: This is a brew that would feel right at home with a roast rack of beef with a heavy gravy or a chocolate pie – this is one versatile chocolate Ale.


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