Prickly Moses Drill Sergeant Pale Ale

Total Score: 7.4/10 Passionfruit1 Honeycomb1 Earth1 Nonicpint1

Happy New Beer, it’s 2015!!! (no, my love of bad puns has not lessoned with the passage of time, apologies people). Anyway the first beer of the year is actually another I reviewed earlier (I promise next review will be a fresh one piping hot from the oven) with: Prickly Moses Drill Sergeant (all Australian) Pale Ale, brewed in collaboration with 33 Degrees Bar in Manly. It is brewed with all Aussie malt, hops, yeast and rain water… sounds good, I hope that rain water was filtered :P.

Poured from a tap into a Schooner.

A: Cloudy pale orange body with a cream half centimetre head… who said an all Australian Pale Ale couldn’t look good? Me, but I digress, and was mistaken. Tasty times ahead! 7/10.

S: Prominent passionfruit (no doubt Galaxy hops – which I’m coincidentally brewing along with Mosaic hops in my best of Aussie/US hops Pale Ale homebrew tomorrow) with some nice, but hop-muted caramel malt, hints of pineapple, and grapefruit. 7/10.

T: Nice! Big passionfruit and grapefruit all over with some honey sweetness from the malt and finishes with a reasonably mild earthy hop bitterness. Pretty decent finish for hop flavours this big. The strength of this brew, both flavour and ABV (4.8%) is bang on sessionable for me, and it goes down with enough complexity to keep my taste buds somewhat sated – though it’s never going to beat a good *ACRONYM ALERT* IPA IMHO. 7/10.

M: Mid to light bodied with that excellent creamy on tap carbonation. On tap brews are boss. 9/10.

D: Nice another really really decent brew from Prickly Moses. I haven’t had a crap beer from them since the Red Ale, but then again I have been trying all their intriguing new limited release brews of late, and I do have a penchant for anything outside-the-box in my beers. Also I would like to add that I dig that earthy hop note that always finds its way into their brews – not sure if that was from the Galaxy hops, but I may find out when my batch of Pale Ale is done. Cheers to Prickly, you clever Echidnas you! 8/10. Total: 7.4/10.

Food match: As long as you’re drinking an all Aussie beer why not have an all Aussie meal? And you can’t get more Aussie than a meal we call “the coat of arms” – which is chargrilled Kangaroo and Emu steaks with a side of sautéed vegetables. 10 points if you can guess which animals are on the Australian coat of arms.


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