Moon Dog Bjorn To Boogie Watermelon Weizen

Total Score: 8/10 Watermelon1 GreenMelon1 Coriander1 Weizenglass1

Two of my all-time favourite things: Watermelon and Weizen, combined into one (hopefully!) magnificent beer. As you may or may not recall I was slightly disappointed by Feral’s Watermelon Warhead, given the hype that proceeded it, so I’m not going to raise my expectations for this brew, it will be a totally unhyped tasting for me. Although a part of me still expects some Moon Dog insanity to reach my palate in classic Moon Dog fashion.

Poured from a 330ml bottle into a Weizen glass.

A: Cloudy pale rockmelon (cantaloupe if you’re American) body with a white head that immediately departed completely, not even a trace of the old lace. 3/10.

S: Sweet watermelon with a hint of rockmelon and hint of coriander lingers in the background. There is a grainy character in the nose as well, unexpected but OK nonetheless. 7/10.

T: Interesting, overall flavour is a melon extravaganza (watermelon, rockmelon and honeydew melon) with some grainy sweetness in the middle and hints of coriander spice in the mildly bitter but acidic finish. Some slight vinous white wine characters come out after a few sips. A real palate cleansing and enjoyable Weizen (that is more like a Witbier). 9/10.

M: Mid to light bodied with a medium, almost high carbonation. 6/10.

D: Overall I really liked Bjorn to Boogie, it’s pretty far removed from the Weizen style, however this is what made it so interesting and had me coming back for another sip. I think I’ll take a 4-pack of this down the coast for Christmas and try it out in the hot Australian summer. Is it the ultimate watermelon beer? I don’t think it is, although I would say it is better than Watermelon Warhead for me (I liked the more intense melon notes in this brew), but I think there must be someone out there that can accurately distil the essence of watermelon into a truly great beer [maybe I will when I get a bit more homebrew experience under my belt 😉 ]. 9/10.

Food match: I would definitely pair the melon flavours of this brew to Asian cuisine, specifically Vietnamese (Gỏi đậu hủ – a tofu/mint/bean shoot salad) or Japanese (Chirashizushi – a chefs selection of raw ingredients on a bed of sushi rice).


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