Sixpoint Meatball Wheat Ale

Total Score: 7.25/10 Coriander1 Bread1 Earth1 Weizenglass1

Well I made the trek to Sydney for my first ever beer show, felt like I was on a pilgrimage and that craft beer is really becoming a bit of a religion for me (yikes). My first stop once inside the venue was the Sixpoint booth (it was actually the Cigar City booth as well). After a quick chat with @sixpoint I gave this American Wheat Ale a try.

Poured from tap into 100ml sample cup at the Sip & Savour event in Sydney.

A: Presents a cloudy pale straw body with a white half centimetre head. Very much in the realm of a typical Wheat Ale then. 8/10.

S: Hints of coriander spice up front with a pleasing bread yeast middle and an earthy hop back end. Not much else noted apart from this but IMO this is a good enough aroma for the style. 7/10.

T: Hmm, a good mix of coriander, bread yeast, some dusty malt grains and earthy/citric hops. Quite refreshing with a decent balance between dry and bitter in the finish. It’s got that “I need another sip” character, and before you know it the glass is empty (or in this case the tiny 100ml sample). 7/10.

M: Mid to light bodied with a creamy Weizen carbonation. 9/10.

D: Well this was certainly a low-key surprise from Sixpoint, a brewer that generally likes slapping you in the face with a big wet hop cone (see my review of their Resin). Moreish and refreshing, it went down a treat with the muggy weather in Sydney. Shame I’ll never see it again as it had a good all round package for an American Wheat Ale. 7/10.

Food match: Some people were eating pulled pork sandwiches which my jealous eyes gazed upon at the event. A pulled pork sandwich would really match this beer well… or a meatball sandwich.


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