Bridge Road Hefeweizen

Total Score: 4.6/10 Barley1 Bananas1 Clove1 Weizenglass1

Bridge Road do some cool brews (Chestnut Pilsner springs to mind), but they also do some middle-of-the-road craft beers (Australian Ale anyone?). With this in mind I’m preparing my senses for another average at best Hefeweizen – a style most Aussie brewers appear to have difficulty replicating. Prost mate!

Poured from a 330ml bottle into a Weizen glass.

A: Like a bat out of hell with a massive 3 inch white head, couldn’t pour the entire bottle it was that crazy, with a clear golden body – where’s the “Hefe” (yeast) in my Hefeweizen!?! Not even close to the actual style. 2/10.

S: At least the aroma is nicer with a strong scent of over-ripe banana (Mum uses them to make banana bread and this aroma is much closer to banana bread than Well’s Banana Bread Beer, which is impressive). Also noted is some nutmeg and brown sugar lingering in the background… interesting take here. 8/10.

T: This is where nearly every Australian Hefeweizen goes wrong – it’s too grainy (like a cheap Lager), which is a distraction in a style that is malt (or in this case: wheat) driven. There are hints of banana and clove/nutmeg as well, and the classic long dry finish of a Weizen, but that grainy taste ruins all the hard work of adding wheat to the mash in the first place. Also noticed is a touch of alcohol in the after taste, given the 5% ABV this should not be noticed at all. 4/10.

M: Over carbonated with a mid to light body and none of the creaminess you would expect from a decent Weizen. 3/10.

D: This one really bombed for me, I guess I’ve been spoiled recently with a case full of Weihenstephaner Hefeweizen in the fridge (during my personal Doktoberfest celebrations) and anything less than Weihenstephaner quality just doesn’t cut it now. In any case this is a disappointing drop from a brewer who I know can do better… avoid this if you’re looking for a good Hefe. 4/10.

Food match: I would normally recommend roast pork knuckle with fried potato and mustard, a German staple, but with the Lagery qualities of this beer makes it a match for anything non-confrontational food-wise.


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