HopDog The Pale

Total Score: 4.15/10 Orange1 Caramel1 PapayaMango1 Nonicpint1

Yes, that’s right, another HopDog review – take heed brewers: If you’re getting plenty of reviews from me it means you’re doing a cracking fine job. HopDog is punching into the stratosphere with some of the brews they’ve come up with (actually Cosmic Highway is the only one I haven’t been blown off my perch by). Now I’ve finally gotten around to The Pale, which is (I’m assuming) their run-of-the-mill American Pale Ale, every craft brewer needs one. My tasting hat is on! [It’s a fez with flashing lights all over it – helps me concentrate on the flavour profiles]

Poured from a 330ml bottle into a nonic pint.

A: Bazzam! What an excitable beer – I’ve got a 1 inch hazy golden body with a 5 inch cream coloured head when it should be the other way round… second fermentation much!? [beer drinkers joke] This is far too explosive HopDog. 2/10.

S: The aroma on the other hand is fantastic – tropical/piney hops (truckloads of) with notes of orange and mango. There is a malt base cowering in the corner of these big mean hops, which are dressed in leather jackets and swinging around tire irons to assert their dominance. 9/10.

T: And the penny drops. The flavour profile is totally muted (but balanced) with faint citric hops and a light caramel malt whisper. Finishes mildly bitter without any real after taste. I’m pretty sure (based on other reviews I’ve read) that mine might have been from a dud batch. Oh well, can’t win ‘em all HopDog. 3/10.

M: Too explosive yes (wasn’t a dropped bottle either) with a mid to light body. 3/10.

D: Far and away THE biggest disappointment from HopDog I’ve encountered. However I am 99.9999% that this is from a dud batch and not indicative of the proper The Pale. Of course I will be more than happy to revisit this at a later date as I do with all the dud beers, but with the amount of TBB* brews I have awaiting my tongues judging taste, I can’t imagine it will be anytime in the near future. 3/10.

Food match: I cannot recommend, nor is there any point doing, a food match to a dud beer, however when I re-review this I will add my idea of a perfect pairing.

*To Be Bruviewed, you should know this by now reader.


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