Samuel Adams Summer Ale

Total Score: 5.85/10 Bread1 Malt1 Lemon1 Weizenglass1

Bought for a steal (considering how stupidly expensive American beers are over here in Australia) from the local Murphy’s Dan – I decided to for once to go against that old husbands tale that drinking American beer was like having sex in a canoe, and grabbed a six pack of these fine looking fellows [granted this was a review from 3 years ago before I had any concept of American craft beer].

Poured from a 355ml bottle and poured into my 500ml Stein, sighing to myself that no one really made 500ml bottles to compliment my 500ml Stein.

A: Mr. Adams Summer Ale has quite a nice coloured body (not a euphemism). It’s cloudy (the way I likes my beers), and golden/honey bodied with a cappuccino froth white head. Mmmm, methinks sir. 9/10.

S: There’s something not right when your beer emits an odour of rotten garbage, needless to say it’s a beer and I will (as such) drink it, this was indeed a mark against it. It’s not all bad though; I did detect a hint of honey (though hints of honey on a garbage pile is never going to make a top selling cologne). 4/10.

T: Tastes better than it smells, but still an odd mash of ideas in this… yeasty, bready, malty, lemony, caramely… I can see the caramel and malt flavours going together, and adding the yeast and the bread isn’t bad, but whose idea was it to throw in the lemon? Not saying it’s a terrible mix but my taste buds don’t know what to do. Plus an Ale… for summer? I don’t know about the rest of the population but when it comes to summer in Brisbane I ain’t thinking of Ales to quench my mighty summer thirst. 6/10.

M: Gets it right in this department; mild, low carbonation with a mid to heavy body – that’s Ale country there! 9/10.

D: Here’s the verdict: Ales are Ales for a damn good reason- they keep us fat and bloated in winter. Lagers are Lagers for a damn good reason- they keep our parched mouths liquefied in the unbearable heat of summer. Mixing the body of an Ale with the flavours of a Lager, whilst interesting in theory, merely works to confuse and ultimately disappoint my taste buds. I want an Ale yet you’ve thrown in some Lager characteristics… not for me unfortunately. 5/10.

Food match: Chinese food mixed with Mexican cuisine might just work with this.


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