Tsingtao Lager

Total Score: 5.65/10 Corn1 CutGrass1 Barley1 PokalStange1

Another Lager in my quest for supreme Lager happiness… and by chance it is a Chinese Lager, I believe Confucius said something about that. In any case I wanted to go Asian for a change, and considering Australia is next door to Asia I reckon it’s about time I visited one of their brews.

Poured from a 640ml “tallie” into a 500ml Stein (using some unbelievable quantum physics!).

A: First thing that struck me was how Pale and clear the body is, almost (dare I say it) a urine colour. The plain white head started out fizzy but dropped back to pretty much nothing which would suggest to me that the Chinese don’t like good head (no pun intended). 5/10.

S: Sharp, citric and grassy with a hint of rubber… yes rubber (I kid you not!). It does smell quite fresh but the aroma of rubber is slightly concerning. 4/10.

T: Sweet! With an ever-present corn flavour that is not bad in this instance (it reminds me of eating juicy sweet corn straight from the can as a kid… yeah I was a weird kid). Apart from the sweet corn taste there is very little to it. The crispy/clean Lager flavour is a standard here. 6/10.

M: The usual Lager carbonation is present, maybe not quite as big as other Lagers though. Overall texture is mildly creamy. 5/10.

D: Easy to drink. The sweet corn adds a dimension to this beer that I’m not used to. It’s not a bad thing but it did throw me off a little during my first taste. As far as Lagers go it’s actually not bad. I can see why it’s managed to appeal to the 3 odd billion people in China. The only major point against it for me is the weakness of flavour, yeah it’s a Lager but it could still have a stronger balance of flavour without being ruined. 7/10.

Food match: I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say “Chinese food”. Of course that probably means nothing to someone who is actually Chinese – “Chinese food” as seen by Western eyes is a mixed bag of what is a large and diverse cuisine no doubt, but you get what I mean.


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