Tui East India Pale Ale

Total Score: 5.05/10 Corn1 Bread1 GreenApple1 Nonicpint1

Another Classic Doc review from 3 years ago: Working my way round the local Dan Murphy’s I spied this timid NZ India Pale Ale. I’ve had this drop a few times and my recollection was of something bland and inoffensive so let’s find out if my memory serves me correct.

Poured from a 330ml bottle into a plain tulip pint glass.

A: The body is a clear copper colour suggesting a vat conditioned macro filtered brew. Head is foamy white and it dwindled down to an unremarkable thin lacing. Nothing exciting here. 4/10.

S: Aroma is yeasty with an apple over tone and malt grains on the back note… if the hops are there they must be playing a minor role in this brew (which is disappointing for an IPA). 6/10.

T: Very grainy, not a good grain taste either (like in a wheat beer) but more of a corn flavour (something you would expect in a macro Lager). The yeast adds a sour taste but it’s minimal. If I had to describe the taste of this beer with three nouns they would be: corn, yeast and water. “No hops can I detect, hmmm” *Yoda voice*. This beer is false advertising, like the many Australian Lagers that have “Bitter” in their name this brew has nothing in common with its “IPA” namesake (what were the brewers thinking???). 5/10.

M: Watery body with light carbonation, nothing else to it. 6/10.

D: Overall this brew is cheap enough for me not to outright condemn it but the false advertising – calling this an IPA, does indeed niggle at me as I write this review. Are my recollections valid though? Bland and inoffensive, spot on! It’s easy to drink (too easy mind you) and if I had to pick between it and macro Australian Lagers then fair enough, but otherwise give it a miss. 4/10.

Food match: The classic “meat and vege” will work with this… easy on the gravy though; you want to taste something from the beer.


2 thoughts on “Tui East India Pale Ale

  1. Forget the ‘IPA’ label. Tui is one of those beers (nebulously) defined as ‘New Zealand Draught’. That’s not a BJCP or WBC style, it only exists in New Zealand. Basically that means a lager with caramel sugars added to give it colour and sweetness. Tui is one of the few remaining beers in the world made with continuous fermentation. In New Zealand it’s regarded as one of the lowest tier, mass-produced beers, and the earns the ire of every passionate beer drinker for usurping the IPA name.


    • Cheers for the insight Dylan!

      So it’s similar then to all the Aussie beers that have “Bitter” in their name but are actually Adjunct Lagers… I hate those beers, but then that is pretty obvious given the name of my blog 😛


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