3 Ravens White

Total Score: 4.5/10 Barley1 Bread1 Orange1 PokalStange1

I love a good Wit, and I’m not just saying that for any possible pun that may result from this sentence. What’s not to like about a Witbier? They’re light, spicy, orangey and perfect for summer. But they can go wrong, too much orange/spice and it’s “I need another beer after this one” or too little orange/spice and it’s “I need another beer after this one. One with flavour this time”. So what’s it going to be Mr Raven?

Poured from a 330ml bottle into a Pokal.

A: An odd mixture of straw and light brown for the body, due to large yeast particles suspended throughout the glass, with a thin white head. Marking to preference I would give it a 7 (I do like yeast in my glass). To style it’s a 5. So I split the difference on this one. 6/10.

S: Quite funky, no doubt due to the huge amount of yeast in the glass, there are some back notes of coriander, orange peel, the classic Witbier aromas, and not much else. 6/10.

T: Too grainy and bready to really come across as a decent Wit. Citric and spice notes linger in the background, along with a dry finish, but it is far too malt driven and just plain ordinary. 4/10.

M: Mid to light bodied and way over carbonated. 4/10.

D: The true litmus test of any brew is “Did I enjoy this?” and to 3 Ravens White the answer is a resounding “No”. To be constructive: It needs more balance towards the characters that make a good Witbier: More coriander, more orange peel, more clove, then they need to work out their yeast – there is way too much yeast in this brew, and I hardly ever say that – you know me people! At the end of the day this is one example of a half-assed Wit. 4/10.

Food match: An antacid to deal with all the gas in this Wit.


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