Murray’s Fred IPA

Total Score: 7.9/10 HopFlower1 PapayaMango1 Grapefruit1 Nonicpint1

Well, well… and what the hell- a third ‘well’! Murray’s are back to counter the claims that they’re a bunch of wusses (said claims made by me about their recent brews) with Fred – a big fat 6% ABV IPA, and if that’s too many initialisms in a sentence IDK because I’m happy to see Murray’s taking off their LBT (Little Boy Trousers) and putting on their BMP (Big Man Pants).

Poured from tap into a 425ml Schooner.

A: Cloudy pale orange with a foamy white 1cm head. Yum, because yeast is good for you people, get with it already. 8/10.

S: Big pine/citrus hops with hints of tropical fruit (passionfruit and lychee). No telling if there’s malts in there – the hops are nose crushingly bold… as if that’s ever a bad thing. 8/10.

T: Exactly as expected: Big pine/citrus hops lead into those delightful tropical fruit characters. There is a light caramel malt base that gives the hops carte blanche to tap dance all over your tongue. Finishes with a hefty 75 IBUs of grapefruit bitter-goodness. 8/10.

M: Again tap beers rule, this has a medium body, little oiliness considering the amount of hops at play, and a lightish carbonation. 7/10.

D: Damn tasty for a hop lover like me, however you definitely want an American IPA palate for this bold Ale – it will kick your tongues ass! Wait let’s think about that for a moment – an ass on your tongue, does that mean when your tongues ass takes a dump it… yeah I’m just going to step out of the way of that train. Well it looks like Murray’s are back hitting hard on the craft scene after some lacklustre brews, that’s the Murray’s I know and love, go Murray’s! 8/10.

Food match: Spicy foods such as Mexican or Spanish tapas with extra paprika, actually stuffed jalapeño chillies would go down awesome with this


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