Burleigh Brewing Fanny Gertrude’s Bickie Beer

Total Score: 5.1/10 Malt1 Caramel1 Coconut1 Nonicpint1

There is probably no point posting this review because: a) It was a limited release from Burleigh Brewing 3 years ago and b) [SPOILER ALERT] It’s average at best. But I’m going to post it anyway, it will soon be one of many when I reach 500 bruviews. *In my creepiest voice* One of many, one of many, one of many… etc.

Poured from a 650ml “tallie” into a pint glass (not all of it obviously – we’ll see how I go).

A: The body poured a nice golden brown, much like the ANZAC biscuit it aims to imitate. The head was a very minimal white lacing but overall I was pleased with the colour of the Ale more than anything else. 6/10.

S: Light dusting of vanilla with a burnt coconut base. There is a malty grain scent underlying the whole operation here but otherwise this Ale is as advertised on the bottle. 8/10.

T: Really quite a letdown – and I’ll tell you why; the bottle makes grand claims of vanilla, rich coconut and a creamy mouthfeel and I’m getting none of that, just a ho-hum run of the mill malty brown Ale with no real excitement or exotic flavours to speak of. Yes if this were a cheaper Ale I would be mildly impressed, but at its price point and factoring in all the crap they wrote on the side of the bottle I am disappointed. What does it taste like? A grain driven malt with a back note of toasted caramel and ne’er a single hop to speak of… if I close my eyes and try really hard I can conjure up a minuscule hint of coconut. 4/10.

M: Slightly flat, a little creamy bordering on watery. 6/10.

D: I had my rant above, yeah if was cheaper (and there weren’t fine options like LCPA or Stone & Wood available) I would drink it. Would I session up with it? Not really, it’s a bit dull and insipid to be frank. My advice: spend your money on Little Creatures or Cooper’s Dark Ale (if you want a more appropriate Australian brown Ale experience). 4/10.

Food Match: Something light in flavour to match the Ale’s uninspired taste… Tofu! In a salad! Without dressing! Maybe also some sort of cottage pie will do… no sauce though, you won’t even taste the beer otherwise.


4 thoughts on “Burleigh Brewing Fanny Gertrude’s Bickie Beer

  1. Hi there,

    Wow! Haven’t seen a Fanny Gerts review come up in a veeeeeeeeeeeery long time.

    Was this a rehash of a review or did you have the beer for the first time recently? I’m not surprised the beer is lacking in all the delicious flavours and aromas it once boasted. As a craft beer lover I’m sure you’re aware that beer, especially craft beers, aren’t best served being consumed 3+ years after production!

    I’m amazed you even found one – where did you get this little rarity from if you don’t mind me asking?

    I guess 5.1 isn’t really THAT bad a score when you consider this is a really, really old beer.




    • Hi Claire,

      I’m honoured that someone from Burleigh Brewing is commenting on my humble review of one of their brews.

      Sorry to disappoint but the review was done 3 years ago – I have a backlog of over 400 reviews to post going back 3 years that I’m slowly going through since starting this blog.

      That being said some of the reviews are more recent, such as the Bentspoke Crankshaft – Bentspoke only opened recently – I don’t have a time machine 😛

      Even though I was not bowled over by the Bickie Beer I have enjoyed several Burleigh brews, including the Hef, of which a glowing review will be up coming in the future, watch this blog.



      • Ahhh! That makes a lot more sense!

        Of course it’s totally fine to be into the beer – that’s why we make so many different beers, hopefully there’ll be a couple to your taste. Different strokes for different folks and all that!

        I was just thinking if it was recently tasted for the first time it seemed harsh to judge such an old beer…




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